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Ask the Wizard and Javascript

OpenVMS ask the wizard uses javascript to open and close pop-up windows with the questions and answers selected from the list below. If you chose not to use javascript a non-javascript version of ask the wizard is available.

non-javascript version ›


The OpenVMS Wizard looks forward to your questions on HP OpenVMS and on HP layered products for OpenVMS, now in our interactive ITRC OpenVMS discussion forums. ›

The Wizard has been impressed and overwhelmed and -- with over ten thousand entries -- even buried by your response to this website, and by the quality of the questions posed. With the move to the interactive OpenVMS forum › , you can now receive a quicker response to your questions than the Wizard could ever provide, and you can discuss and can update your question, and a wider variety of HP engineers and customers can participate in and can provide you with answers and with a wide variety of alternatives.

Access to the contents of the classic Ask The Wizard and Ask the OpenVMS I64 Wizard areas will continue, and the existing discussions will remain accessable, and you will continue to be able to download the entire Ask The Wizard contents as a zip archive. ›

Thank you for your interest in OpenVMS, and welcome to the ITRC forums! ›

OpenVMS FAQ -August 2010

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) posting for the comp.os.vms and vmsnet.misc newsgroups. (comp.os.vms is bidirectionally-gatewayed to the INFO-VAX mailing list. It contains answers to frequently asked questions about OpenVMS operating system and the computer systems on which it runs.


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