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WHO Consulting provides system administration and project development services for organizations in the financial, manufacturing, and fashion industries. With a strong understanding of the value of partnerships, WHO Consulting helps investment banks, transaction processing companies, lottery administrators, fashion designers, and clothing production managers address their critical business needs with comprehensive system planning, development, and installation services.

WHO Consulting leverages its extensive experience with clustering technology to successfully manage system administration and solution integration projects for HP OpenVMS platforms. Working with the adaptive infrastructure of OpenVMS on powerful AlphaServer systems, WHO Consulting helps organizations maximize the efficiency of their information systems and reduce their operational expenditures.

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CADture, from WHO Consulting, is a computer-assisted design program for the fashion and manufacturing industries. Using data taken from standard tailoring measurements, CADture creates a two-dimensional framework that automates object-attribute line creation and serves as a reference baseline for designers. Leveraging the performance, scalability, and flexibility of OpenVMS on HP AlphaServer systems, CADture helps tailors, designers, and production managers lower costs and decrease time to market by improving the speed and efficiency of the design process.

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Winfried Oppermann
Hohenfriedbergstrasse 10
D-10829 Berlin
Tel: +49 (30) 7812 687
Fax: +49 (30) 788 3089