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Stromasys SA

Stromasys S.A. is a software company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland that offers solutions to extend the life of legacy software developed for VAX and AlphaServer computer systems. Their offerings include software products that virtualize VAX and AlphaServer systems and provide services for implementing and supporting legacy applications in OpenVMS system environments. They serve a diverse customer base ranging from small to large installations (1 to 100+ systems), including companies such as a large European defense and aerospace electronics group, a Navy (vessels), a large European stock exchange, and a large chemicals company.

For the customers who are unable to migrate to native OpenVMS on Integrity platforms, Stromasys provides an ideal alternative. HP partners with Stromasys to offer solutions that continue to provide the high performance, scalability, reliability, and security of HP OpenVMS on VAX and AlphaServer using the hardware virtualization (emulation) on x86 platform. Together they help customers increase the return on their investments in vital OpenVMS software.

» CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP - VAX and AlphaServer system emulator
» CockpitMGR for OpenVMS - centralized systems management tool
» VAXscan/Alpha - high-level programming language for text processing
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CHARON™ Products

Stromasys’s CHARON family of virtualization products forms the ideal solution to preserve your existing software applications without worrying about your ageing equipment. Using modern virtualization technology, the CHARON solutions provide a high performance replica of your legacy VAX or AlphaServer hardware system on x86 desktop or server systems.

The major benefit of the CHARON solutions is that you do not have to be concerned over the reliability of aging hardware systems, or with the increasing maintenance costs which come with older equipment. Your software applications will work as before, or even faster. There is no expensive migration process, no software re-engineering or conversion, little training required for system managers or users, and no painful conversion of normal business practices. Software development tools won't change either. The only visible change is the immediate replacement of the ageing hardware by modern equipment, and a steep reduction in floor space, energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Virtualization technology improves efficiency and reduces costs in data processing. But the CHARON cross-platform virtualization technology takes a big leap beyond that: CHARON virtual systems can exactly replicate any computer hardware model from MicroVAX II up to VAX 6660 and from AlphaStation 200 up to AlphaServer GS1280, independent of the actual hardware systems they run on! Designed for commercial use, CHARON virtual systems are the 'too good to be true' instant solutions for aging hardware and spiraling maintenance costs.

CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP products execute the unmodified OpenVMS and Tru64 operating systems, and "immortalize" all your applications running on them. Even software warranty is of no concern: HP provides transfer licenses and will continue to provide OpenVMS / Tru64 maintenance on CHARON products. For details, see CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP family pages .

CockpitMgr for OpenVMS

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

CockpitMgr for OpenVMS is a software application that supports and automates OpenVMS system management on VAX, AlphaServer, and Integrity systems, covering all aspects of the IT production environment. It monitors and controls all OpenVMS systems including attached storage and networks from a centralized location, keeping track of changes in the system environment and managing them before they become problems.

Key Features:

  • Centralized event notifications
  • System monitoring
  • Console management
  • Storage control
  • Network monitoring
  • Performance management
  • Automated incident response
  • Reporting
  • HP OpenView integration

The unbeatable reliability and performance of HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems is maximized when the systems are managed well. CockpitMgr for OpenVMS enables system managers to do more with less staff, while also providing better service to the system users.

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AlphaServer system ready

VAXscan/Alpha is a high level programming language designed for text processing applications. It is a direct port of VAXscan to the OpenVMS operating system. VAXscan/Alpha supports commonplace string operators such as concatenation, substring, extraction, and comparison. In addition, it has powerful constructs for matching complex text patterns and sorting. These capabilities make VAXscan/Alpha particularly useful for building filters, translators, extractors, pre-processors, and parsers.

VAXscan/Alpha extends the life of VAXscan applications and leverages the skills of VAXscan developers by making this useful language available on reliable, secure HP OpenVMS AlphaServer systems. As an added benefit, AlphaServer systems execute VAXscan applications at high performance levels.

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Company contact

Stromasys S.A.
109, Chemin du Pont-du-Centenaire
1228 Plan-Les-Ouates
Tel: +41 22 794 1070
Fax: +41 22 794 1073
Email: info@stromasys.com