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BRUDEN-OSSG is a training and consulting services provider for OpenVMS and other HP operating systems. The company was founded by Dennis O'Brien and Bruce Ellis to meet the technical training demands of HP engineers, support staff, and customers. BRUDEN-OSSG also provides training and consulting for a wide variety of programming languages, including C and C++.

BRUDEN-OSSG is an independent HP authorized training partner.

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BRUDEN-OSSG OpenVMS training services

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

BRUDEN-OSSG supplies training from user level to internals for the OpenVMS operating system on both HP AlphaServer systems and HP Integrity servers. They also teach a variety of programming languages including C and C++. Classes are presented at the customer site or at a BRUDEN-OSSG training center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, or in Boston, Massachusetts. BRUDEN-OSSG training is pragmatic and high in technical content.

BRUDEN-OSSG OpenVMS training courses cover the following areas:

  • Managing Complex HP OpenVMS Systems
  • OpenVMS Crash Dump Analysis
  • OpenVMS Fundamentals
  • OpenVMS System Performance Management
  • ...and many more

BRUDEN-OSSG has deep experience with HP OpenVMS systems—in fact, BRUDEN-OSSG trains many of HP's own OpenVMS developers and support personnel. BRUDEN-OSSG OpenVMS training services can help OpenVMS software developers, system administrators, and support personnel achieve maximum productivity and efficiency for their HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity system development and production system environments.

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BRUDEN-OSSG software consulting services

Integrity server certified
AlphaServer system ready

BRUDEN-OSSG offers software consulting and course material design and development for the HP OpenVMS operating system. They developed 19 courses that HP uses for internal training, including OpenVMS Fundamentals and OpenVMS Performance Management. BRUDEN-OSSG has the knowledge and experience to develop custom courses and materials to meet all OpenVMS training needs, for both AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers.

BRUDEN-OSSG also provides consulting services for the design, implementation, and analysis of real-time systems on OpenVMS, in a range of market segments including aerospace, education, finance, government, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, and shipping. For applications involving data analysis, high performance technical computing, legacy system integration, and mission-critical services, BRUDEN-OSSG can provide solutions optimized for HP AlphaServer and Integrity systems running the reliable, high-performance OpenVMS operating system.

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Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site
» OpenVMS Troubleshooting (book), Bruce Ellis, President, BRUDEN-OSSG
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Company contact

P.O. Box 3507
Monument, CO 80132
Uited States
Tel: +1 (719) 531 6127
Fax: +1( 719) 531 6253
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Bruce Ellis
Tel: +1 (719) 531 6127
E-mail: bruce.ellis@bruden.com