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BMC Software is a leading global provider of enterprise management solutions that empower companies to manage their IT infrastructure from a business perspective. The company delivers Business Service Management (BSM) solutions spanning enterprise systems, applications, databases, and service management. For the four fiscal quarters ended December 31, 2006, BMC revenue was approximately US$1.57 billion.

HP and BMC Software work together to deliver the latest software applications and product solutions that make managers of HP systems more productive, and enable customers to better utilize technology and processes to further their business goals.

» BMC CONTROL-M for OpenVMS—enterprise job scheduling software
» BMC Identity Management—secure user administration software
» BMC Performance Manager for OpenVMS—system management software suite
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Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

BMC CONTROL-M for OpenVMS is an Enterprise Job Scheduling solution that orchestrates workload automation and scheduling across heterogeneous IT platforms and applications. It elevates businesses to a new level of production management and automation because workloads at multiple data centers are managed from a single point to optimize their ability to meet business needs.

BMC CONTROL-M can operate without proprietary agents installed on the target servers, using Secure Shell (SSH) or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) technologies. Agentless Scheduling has the advantages of rapid deployment, zero footprint on target servers, extended security, immediate support for new operating system releases, and continued support for older systems. Alternately, agents can be employed for systems that process large job loads, or that require tighter monitoring or special functionality.

Key capabilities:

  • Automate and streamline production flows
  • Centralize control
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Enable proactive management with dynamic, event-based scheduling
  • Satisfy regulatory requirements through auditing, encryption, and authentication

HP OpenVMS systems provide industry-leading clustering and networking capabilities, making them ideal platforms for distributed enterprise IT architectures. Working with BMC CONTROL-M software, distributed OpenVMS systems deliver efficient and reliable processing power for mixed batch, transaction, and query workloads. BMC CONTROL-M/Agents are available for both OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS Integrity servers.

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BMC Identity Management

AlphaServer system ready

BMC Identity Management is software that automates and simplifies user administration across the enterprise with a scalable, innovative, and open architecture. It employs enterprisewide provisioning specifications to enforce policies and standards while ensuring consistency and security. By centralizing and automating user administration, BMC Identity Management reduces costs, minimizes reliance on manual help desk activities, and enables system and security administrators to focus on problem areas rather than routine access requests.

Key capabilities:

  • Automation of routine administration tasks
  • Flexible repository options
  • Incremental deployment model
  • Integrated password management
  • Local and remote management
  • Profiles and authorizations that map to the business organization, roles, and responsibilities
  • User-friendly, consolidated administration console
  • Web- and Windows-based GUIs

BMC Identity Provisioning Modules include a software agent that enables HP OpenVMS systems to be managed under BMC Identity Management software.

HP OpenVMS systems are an ideal choice for secure computing environments, in part because of their outstanding support for a full range of security products from HP and partners such as BMC Software. With BMC Identity Provisioning Modules, enterprisewide identity management using BMC Identity Management software can extend transparently across a complex, heterogeneous IT environment that includes OpenVMS systems in the mix. HP OpenVMS systems with BMC Identity Provisioning Modules are strong points in the enterprise security armor.

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BMC Performance Manager

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

BMC Performance Manager (formerly called BMC PATROL) is a comprehensive suite of system monitoring, reporting, and capacity planning software tools that enhance system managers' abilities to maintain system availability, performance, and reliability. It provides a single architecture, a single dashboard, and agentless monitoring that proactively manage the business impact of distributed networks, applications, databases, and operating systems. Administrators view current and historical information through a centralized graphical console, and drill down from high-level areas to view detailed parameter data. BMC Performance Manager gives system managers visibility and control they never had before.

BMC Performance Manager for OpenVMS automates the management of OpenVMS systems, enabling administrators to handle complex VAX, AlphaServer, and Integrity server environments more effectively. This solution directly addresses OpenVMS management challenges by automatically monitoring and managing OpenVMS systems and related resources, saving time, reducing costs, and maximizing performance. The software provides current and historical information through a centralized console to easily view and manage an entire OpenVMS environment. From the CPU to file systems to printers, system managers can drill down to view detailed system metrics. Performance Manager can also proactively take corrective action when things go wrong or are about to go wrong, preventing downtime and the resulting costs to the business.

HP OpenVMS systems build in extensive manageability with HP Systems Insight Manager and HP OpenView software, making them among the easiest enterprise-class systems to manage. BMC Performance Manager for OpenVMS, BMC Performance Manager for Oracle (for OpenVMS systems hosting Oracle databases), and BMC Performance Manager for HP Insight Manager work hand-in-hand with the native OpenVMS management facilities to further simplify and improve OpenVMS system manageability. Together, HP OpenVMS systems and BMC Performance Manager offer a system management solution that can truly be ranked among the best in class.

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