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Attunity is a trusted provider of integration solutions that enhance the business value of existing information systems. Attunity solutions reduce the time, the risk, and the cost of legacy integration initiatives such as enterprise application integration (EAI), legacy-to-web integration, data access and integration, and business intelligence (BI/ETL).

Attunity solutions sets are based on Attunity Connect, a family of reusable products that simplify legacy integration tasks, providing a common architecture and end-user experience that supports many enterprise platforms (for example, mainframes, iSeries, HP NonStop, and OpenVMS), application and integration servers (Java/J2EE and .NET), and web technologies (XML, Web Services).

Attunity enjoys a close partnership with HP that enables both companies to optimize their products for more effective business solutions. Attunity software leverages the processing power and high availability of HP OpenVMS systems to save organizations time and money by improving the reliability and efficiency of enterprisewide data access.

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Attachmate Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

Attunity Connect is a family of standards-based software solutions that use pre-built adapters to enable simplified connections to relational and non-relational data sources, transaction systems, and legacy applications. With a modern, distributed architecture and native adapters that exploit the unique capabilities of each platform and data source, Attunity Connect provides higher levels of reliability and performance over traditional middleware solutions.

The Attunity Connect product family includes the following products:

  • Attunity Connect for OpenVMS—acts as the data access standard for the HP OpenVMS operating system.
  • Attunity Connect for NonStop—provides a comprehensive set of connectivity solutions that enable bi-directional access between HP NonStop systems and other computing environments.
  • Attunity Data Connect—provides out-of-the-box access to all enterprise data sources, including relational, network, indexed, hierarchical, object, and flat files.
  • Attunity Application Connect—provides open connectivity to legacy applications and mainframe transactions.
  • Attunity Connect for Adabas—delivers real-time access to Adabas and Natural systems.
  • Attunity Connect for BizTalk—enables Microsoft BizTalk Server users to seamlessly leverage the power of any product in the Attunity Connect family.
  • Attunity Connect for WebLogic—provides a comprehensive set of connectivity solutions that are BEA-certified to leverage enterprise data and legacy applications for BEA WebLogic Server and BEA WebLogic Portal.

Attachmate Reflection for the Multi-Host Enterprise takes advantage of the flexibility, extreme availability, and security of the OpenVMS operating system. Attachmate running on OpenVMS and AlphaServer systems protects investments in technology by making legacy systems available to distributed PC users.

HP recognizes Attunity Connect as its data access standard for OpenVMS connectivity, and bundles key Attunity components into the OpenVMS operating system to offer a scalable and reliable data integration solution that can meet the demanding needs of growing heterogeneous organizations.

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Company contact

Attunity, Inc.
70 Blanchard Road
Burlington, MA 01803
United States
Telephone: +1 781-213-5200
or in the US Toll Free 866-288-8648
Email: info@attunity.com

Ben Lubetsky
70 Blanchard Road
Burlington, MA 01803
United States
Telephone: +1 781-213-5200
or in the US Toll Free 866-288-8648
E-mail: Ben.Lubetsky@attunity.com