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Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) develops system software solutions for the banking, insurance, manufacturing, technology, and government services sectors. ASCI products include job automation for cross-platform monitoring and scheduling systems, data replication systems that reduce recovery time after disasters, process automation solutions that streamline administrative and business tasks reliably and securely, performance simulation and monitoring solutions that improve application and system efficiency, and scripting utilities that improve administration and management of systems.

Founded in 1981 as a software engineering company focused developing system software solutions to enhance OpenVMS, Windows, UNIX, and Linux systems, ASCI enjoys a strategic partnership with HP to stay on the leading edge of system management technology. Together, HP and ASCI provide a full range of management solutions that ensure 24 x 7 business continuity, increasing productivity and revenue.

» ActiveBatch—a job scheduling and management system
» DeviceShare—a disk-device sharing utility
» DiskMaker for OpenVMS—virtual-disk technology for HP Volume Shadowing and Disk Striping
» PSS for OpenVMS—terminal-monitoring software
» RECORDER for OpenVMS—a monitoring solution for interactive OpenVMS terminal sessions
» RemoteSHADOW (RSO)—a data replication system
» VIRTUOSO for OpenVMS—a real-disk input/output (I/O) reduction tool
» WATCH for OpenVMS—an OpenVMS terminal monitoring tool
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ActiveBatch from ASCI is a multi-platform enterprise job-scheduling and management system for all organizations looking to intelligently automate simple or compound processes in increasingly complex environments. ActiveBatch supports the reliable execution of jobs, job plans, and programs. It can schedule them using a number of different criteria such as date and time, system and application events, resources, and it supports cross-platform job and file dependencies. ActiveBatch also supports alerts, monitoring, report generation, and job relationships at the enterprise level.

Active Batch provides an inclusive strategy that enables system administrators in production plants, life insurance companies, credit unions, and more to coordinate, manage, and monitor single and repetitive applications across different platforms. ActiveBatch jobs running on the reliable, powerful HP OpenVMS platform can be easily integrated with Windows based systems, UNIX, and Linux for cross-platform job execution. OpenVMS systems provide the scalability to support the addition of multiple systems as demand increases, providing a cost-effective solution for growth-oriented organizations in any industry.

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DeviceShare from ASCI is a tool that enables organizations operating on TCP/IP or DECnet networks, or VMS clusters to share local tape and disk devices with other nodes. By allowing one tape device to be shared by multiple CPUs, the DeviceShare solution backs up data on nodes that do not have appropriate tape drives.

DeviceShare is optimized for reliable HP AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS to maintain a highly available environment and enable users across all industries to make the most of connected disks and tape drives. HP OpenVMS systems and DeviceShare improve access to tape and disk drives, creating a reliable, scalable, and highly available solution that maximizes existing mass storage devices.

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DiskMaker for OpenVMS

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DiskMaker for OpenVMS from ASCI is virtual-disk technology that expands HP Volume Shadowing and Disk Striping tools by creating pseudo-disk volumes from heterogeneous source devices. DiskMaker pseudo-disk volumes become compatible in make, model, and size with the target device, allowing them to be accessed by HP Volume Shadowing and Disk Striping tools.

Running DiskMaker on HP OpenVMS systems enables system programmers and administrators to maximize their existing disk drives and make use of free space that would otherwise be wasted. Together, DiskMaker and OpenVMS improve performance and availability for disk-intensive applications and files.

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PSS for OpenVMS

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Performance Simulation System (PSS) for OpenVMS from ASCI is terminal-monitoring software that provides performance simulations, application reliability analysis, regression testing, and enhanced security for companies focused on OpenVMS product development and testing. The solution provides response time measurements of online application systems while they are running, and enables system administrators to monitor and record a terminal session and then replay that session on one or more real or virtual terminals.

PSS takes advantage of the load-balancing technology and high availability of AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS. PSS for OpenVMS enables administrators to fine-tune OpenVMS based applications and networks to maximize performance and uptime.

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RECORDER for OpenVMS from ASCI is a terminal-monitoring solution that enables companies in the financial services industry to log the input and output streams of one or more interactive terminal sessions. This capability helps administrators monitor highly sensitive applications for unauthorized access and trace operator interaction and events on production machines to determine and solve problems. A separately licensed subset of PSS for OpenVMS, RECORDER adds more focused application tracking, enhanced security, and logging capabilities for sensitive applications.

RECORDER leverages the inherent security and reliability of OpenVMS systems to give administrators powerful 24 x 7 monitoring capabilities for business-critical applications. RECORDER provides companies running OpenVMS with highly advanced system screening capacities, enhancing productivity levels and ensuring continuous availability.

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RemoteSHADOW (RSO) from ASCI is a host-based data replication system that reduces the time-to-recovery from a site or system failure for enterprises operating in the financial services, manufacturing, and transportation industries. It requires no special network requirements or minimum bandwidth, and it is application transparent. With RSO, IT administrators can affordably address disaster recovery and business continuity needs across long and short distances.

RSO is optimized to perform on HP AlphaServer systems running OpenVMS. The scalability, load-balancing, and clustering capabilities of OpenVMS provide RSO with a system that reliably guards against downtime, enabling a high-availability environment for mission-critical business data.

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VIRTUOSO for OpenVMS from ASCI is a network-administration utility that uses memory-based virtual disks, disk-based virtual disks, and networked virtual disks to reduce real-disk input/output (I/O) and improve overall OpenVMS system performance. Using VIRTUOSO, IT administrators utilizing OpenVMS can optimize resource utilization on disk drives, improve application performance, and increase the security of critical data files.

VIRTUOSO helps companies running OpenVMS to maximize system performance by spreading I/O volumes across multiple drives. With VIRTUOSO, OpenVMS systems use several data paths and disk heads simultaneously, allowing companies to fully leverage OpenVMS operative capabilities and increase overall productivity.

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WATCH for OpenVMS from ASCI is a terminal monitoring tool for support centers and training facilities. IT managers working on one OpenVMS terminal can view, advise, or modify another terminal session interactively and use WATCH to record terminal output to disk for later inspection, act as a security tool to detect and take action against intrusions, assist in diagnosing remote terminal and line failures, and provide training and remote demonstrations of software.

As a separately licensed subset of PSS fpr Open VMS , WATCH assists OpenVMS system administrators with enhanced security options and improved terminal monitoring. Together, WATCH and OpenVMS systems help secure networks from potentially damaging events, maximizing uptime and ensuring 24 x 7 system availability.

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