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airwide solutions (formerly Schlumberger Messaging Solutions)

airwide solutions is a leading vendor of scalable and flexible mobile messaging intelligent network applications and infrastructure solutions. The company developed the application and infrastructure that sent the world's first short message in 1992. Customers of airwide solutions include Vodafone (UK), Telstra (Australia), AT&T Wireless (USA), Vodacom (South Africa), Unicom (China), Vimpelcom (Russia), and T-Mobile Czech (Czechoslovakia).

airwide solutions and HP have enjoyed a close partnership for more than ten years, covering a period of business mergers that led to the creation of airwide solutions in 2004. airwide messaging solutions running on HP OpenVMS allow telecommunications network operators to offer their subscribers cost-effective and innovative services resulting in increased productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

» airguard—a mobile-phone security application

» air'n'able text—a Short Message Service (SMS) database engine

» air'n'able router—an intelligent router for SMS

» aircode—a messaging gateway for mobile telecommunications

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airguard from airwide solutions is a mobile-phone security application that helps mobile telecommunications operators proactively deter handset theft and fraud. A turnkey solution, airguard enables operators to quickly blacklist and decommission stolen handsets even if the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card is changed.

Combined with the stability and extreme availability of HP OpenVMS platforms, airguard helps fraud management departments deal with managing handsets simply and effectively—no matter when a theft occurs. As a result of this real-time fraud management, mobile service providers can reduce costs associated with bad credit risks and increase customer satisfaction.

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air'n'able text

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air'n'able text from airwide solutions is a store-and-forward Short Message Service (SMS) database engine that can interface with a mobile telecommunications network and an IP-based communications network. Because air'n'able text is compatible with a variety of network technologies—including GSM, GPRS, and 3G—it ensures that mobile operators can cost-effectively deploy SMS offerings across their networks.

HP OpenVMS on AlphaServer systems provides the reliable, high-performance environment required for optimal air'n'able text performance. This helps mobile operators improve customer loyalty, reduce customer churn, and increase profits from SMS offerings.

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air'n'able router

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air'n'able router from airwide solutions is a front-end message router for mobile originated and fixed terminated short messages. On receipt of a short message, air'n'able router delivers the message directly to the recipient, to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) if the subscriber is not available, or to a fixed application.

Key benefits include the following:

  • Service center address hidden from subscribers, eliminating the problem of distributing service center addresses for multiple SMSCs
  • Load sharing, load adjustment, and application distribution across multiple SMSCs
  • Increased messaging capacity
  • Improved maintenance of SMSCs within the network

The intelligent routing capabilities of air'n'able router, along with the 99.999 percent availability and high performance of the HP OpenVMS platform, help mobile operators with high-volume messaging traffic guarantee delivery of messages. The combined solution improves time-to-market for profitable, value-added services that rely on SMS.

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aircode from airwide solutions is a messaging gateway for mobile telecommunications operators. aircode enables mobile subscribers to access and receive information in the form of short messages by entering short codes into their handsets. aircode messaging is immediate, convenient, and enables seamless roaming. This functionality gives subscribers an easy way to request information, change their class of service, or add enhanced services to their subscription.

aircode running on the HP OpenVMS operating system provides mobile operators with a flexible, stable platform for new SMS offerings. Such innovative service offerings help differentiate mobile operators, increase customer satisfaction, and provide additional sources of revenue.

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