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Founded in 1994, AdaCore is a software developer specializing in commercial software solutions for the Ada programming language. The company's products are designed for large, long-lived applications where reliability, efficiency, and safety are absolutely critical. AdaCore provides software development solutions to a prestigious list of market leaders in domains including commercial and defense avionics, air traffic control, railroad systems, financial services, and medical devices. Customers turn to AdaCore when they need the extra assurance that comes from proven technology and timely expertise.

HP and AdaCore have always been natural partners because of their shared emphasis on reliability and robustness. AdaCore's support for the OpenVMS operating system began in 1998, with the release of its first products for the HP OpenVMS AlphaServer platform. The company demonstrated its continuing commitment to HP by porting its product family to HP Integrity servers, with a true 64-bit implementation for high performance. The deployment of Ada products on HP Integrity servers enables customers to experience the synergy between the mission-critical enterprise computing strengths of the OpenVMS operating system and the secured availability of the HP Integrity platform.

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Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

GNAT Pro is a complete, robust, and flexible development environment for the Ada programming language. The product is based on GNU GCC code generation technology, and features powerful tools as well as comprehensive product support to ensure a smooth, cost-effective development process. It is designed to bring the full benefits of Ada to commercial projects, and is available as a subscription package. GNAT Pro is used by industry and government customers worldwide in mission-critical software products ranging from small-footprint, real-time embedded applications to large-scale information management systems.

Key capabilities:

  • Full compliance with the ISO standard for Ada 95
  • Support for Ada 83 and Ada 2005
  • Mixed-language capabilities
  • Code optimization
  • Support for implementation-dependent features of HP Ada (previously known as DEC Ada) including VAX Float
  • Comprehensive HP Ada compatibility library providing bindings to HP Ada I/O routines, X/Motive, etc.
  • Full compatibility with HP Ada data layouts
  • Native GNU assembler (gas), ported to OpenVMS
  • Limited debugging support provided by HP in OpenVMS Debug on Integrity servers. For more information, see the Readme

GNAT Pro for OpenVMS implements both Ada-specific and OpenVMS platform-dependent optimizations. The run-time library has been designed to map Ada's dynamic features directly and efficiently onto the underlying OpenVMS services. In addition, GNAT Pro for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers is a full 64-bit implementation of Ada, including the Specialized Needs annexes. The proven reliability, scalability, and security of HP OpenVMS systems are brought to the GNAT Pro development environment on both HP AlphaServer systems and HP Integrity servers.

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Supporting documents

» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) Web site
» AdaCore GNAT Pro 6.0.1

Company contact

AdaCore (United States)
15th floor
104 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
United States
Tel: +1 (212) 620 7300
Fax: +1 (212) 807 0162
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Karen Mason
Sales Manager
Tel: +1 (212) 620 7300
Email: sales@adacore.com

Nancy Cruz
United States Alliance Manager
Tel. +1 (212) 620 7300

AdaCore (Europe)
8 rue de Milan
75009 Paris
Tel: +33 (1) 4970 6716
Fax: Fax +33 (1) 4970 0552
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Michael Friess
Technical Sales Manager
Tel: +33 (1) 4970 6716
E-mail: friess@adacore.com

Jamie Ayre
Marketing Manager
Tel: +33 (1) 4970 6716
E-mail: ayre@adacore.com