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Acxiom Corporation integrates data, services, and technology to deliver customer and information management solutions for companies across all industries. Acxiom customer and information management solutions enable the automotive, financial services, retail, insurance, healthcare, media, technology, telecommunications, travel, and entertainment industries worldwide to build advanced customer information infrastructure, giving companies a better understanding of customer needs.

HP and Acxiom enjoy a close collaborative partnership, combining a solid vision for developing the adaptive enterprise with advanced customer relationship management (CRM) knowledge. HP honored Acxiom with the "Best Storage Area Network Award" at the Storage Network World Fall 2002 Best Practices in Storage Awards, and continues to work with Acxiom to improve data management efficiency for marketing professionals in all industries. Together, HP and Acxiom produce customer and information management tools that increase customer acquisition rates, reduce customer management costs, and increase revenue.

» AbiliTec-Enabled Services, a customer data integration (CDI) solution

» InfoBase, comprehensive consumer, business, and telephone data suites

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AbiliTec-Enabled Services

Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

AbiliTec from Acxiom is a customer data integration (CDI) solution that gives customer relationship management (CRM) systems the ability to create a single, comprehensive view of the customer, linking customer records from multiple touchpoints with legacy customer data sources. Thoroughly analyzing this data allows for in-depth understanding of each customer, enabling companies to correctly evaluate customer needs and maintain profitable relationships.

AbiliTec is optimized for powerful HP AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers running OpenVMS. The scalability and clustering features of OpenVMS provide a cost-effective, easily expandable platform with no single point of failure, allowing for enterprise growth and securing vital customer information.

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Integrity server ready
AlphaServer system ready

InfoBase from Acxiom is the largest collection of U.S. consumer information available in one source for database or file appending, analytical services, suppression, consumer contact preference management, telephone data, mailing lists, and e-mail data. The comprehensive, multi-sourced data empowers InfoBase clients to make smart, fast marketing decisions.

AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers running powerful, highly available OpenVMS offer a high-performance platform for the InfoBase solution. Together, OpenVMS and InfoBase provide comprehensive consumer data 24 hours a day, helping marketing professionals gain the competitive knowledge needed to increase sales and retain customers.

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» HP Developer and Solution Partner Program (DSPP) website

» HP honors Acxiom with "Best SAN Award" at Storage Networking World

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