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A. S. Thomas, Inc.

A. S. Thomas, Inc. is a high technology firm specializing in advanced computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software and related engineering and manufacturing services. The company was founded in 1955 by Dr. Thomas at the request of the United States Air Force Department of Scientific Research. A. S. Thomas designed and built the first telemetering and beacon antennas for U.S. space program re-entry vehicles, and antennas for the U.S. attack aircraft of Desert Storm. Their worldwide clientele includes government agencies in the United States and abroad, Fortune 100 firms, multi-national corporations, and small start-up companies.

A. S. Thomas software works with HP OpenVMS systems to take computer-aided manufacturing to new heights. HP OpenVMS AlphaServer and Integrity systems provide a reliable and secure platform to host A. S. Thomas software, ensuring that customer shop floors can run continuously and without risk of malicious intrusion. In addition, the high performance of HP OpenVMS systems saves time by generating reports rapidly and crunching complex numerical control calculations quickly. Together, HP and A. S. Thomas create an efficient and reliable shop floor environment for process and discrete manufacturers.

» DNC—distributed shop floor control system
» AFMS—advanced flexible manufacturing system
» NUFORM Level-II—numerical control language for programming complex surfaces
» Scroll-Ex—automated feedscrew manufacturing system

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DNC (distributed numerical control) is a full-featured, user-friendly system that gives shop floor operators in process and discrete manufacturing companies the easiest means of downloading data, viewing machining documents, and providing feedback. The product includes comprehensive tools for managing, controlling, and monitoring the entire distributed numerical control function.

DNC takes advantage of the superb networking capabilities of the HP OpenVMS operating system to integrate multiple, heterogeneous shop floor systems securely and reliably. DNC also benefits from the high performance of HP AlphaServer and Integrity systems running OpenVMS, because data is moved quickly and reports are generated rapidly, increasing the efficiency of shop floor operations and adding profits to manufacturers' bottom lines.

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AFMS (advanced flexible manufacturing system) is a computerized system for integrating control of automated machinery in distributed shop floor environments. Discrete manufacturers use AFMS to tie together equipment across the factory floor to centralize control, monitoring, and reporting.

AFMS relies on HP AlphaServer systems and Integrity servers running the OpenVMS operating system to provide the security and high availability needed to support continuous production with minimal downtime. Moreover, the easy manageability of OpenVMS systems ensures smooth operation without undue administrative overhead.

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NUFORM Level-II is a high-level numerical control (NC) language for effectively programming complex surfaces requiring three, four, five, or more axes in simultaneous and continuous motion. This software provides a higher order system for manufacturing many types of complex parts such as airfoils, turbine buckets and blades, molds, and dies. A graphical machining simulation is integral to the system.

HP AlphaServer systems and HP Integrity servers running the OpenVMS operating system supply the processing horsepower to drive the complex numerical control algorithms embedded in NUFORM Level-II. HP Integrity servers are especially adept for numerical control applications because their Intel® Itanium® 2 processors each contain three independent floating point arithmetic units. In addition, the uncompromising security and availability of OpenVMS systems ensure that machines controlled with NUFORM Level-II software experience minimal downtime, maximizing shop throughput and revenue.

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Scroll-Ex is a comprehensive expert system used to reliably design, manufacture, and assure the quality of package feedscrews. It produces the smoothest running screws and provides product traceability to ensure that all replacement screws are identical to the original parts. Scroll-Ex technology has successfully produced thousands of high quality feedscrews for almost every bottling and packaging industry and application.

Scroll-Ex provides the following benefits:

  • Consistent screw design and performance
  • Higher line speeds
  • Less package failures and fewer broken bottles or crushed containers
  • Greater flexibility in screw geometry/motion
  • Handles any package geometry

The HP OpenVMS operating system provides a secure and reliable environment for Scroll-Ex software, keeping feedscrew designers and machines operating continuously. And HP Integrity servers running OpenVMS and Scroll-Ex supply exceptional compute power to handle the complex geometries involved in feedscrew design and manufacture.

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Company contact

A. S. Thomas, Inc.
355 Providence Highway
Westwood, MA 02090
Uited States
Tel: +1 (781) 329 9200
Fax: +1 (781) 461 8431
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Robert Thomas
Vice President of Engineering
Tel: +1 (781) 329 9200
Email: sales@asthomas.com