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HP Integrity server animation
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HP OpenVMS Field Test

Welcome to the HP OpenVMS Field Test website. The HP OpenVMS operating system continues to enhance its availability, and improve system and application performance and scalability by delivering new technology into the base operating system and the OpenVMS cluster software environment.

OpenVMS Version 8.4 Field Test

HP OpenVMS Version 8.4 Field Test has now officially concluded. We thank you for your participation in the field test.

OpenVMS Version 8.4 will be a generally available release for the Integrity servers and Alpha platforms. This release builds upon the capabilities provided by OpenVMS Version 8.3 for Alpha and Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity server systems. Following are some of the new features included in the OpenVMS Version 8.4 release:

  • Support for HP Integrity Virtual Machines (HP Integrity VM)  OpenVMS Version 8.4 is supported as a guest operating system with HP Integrity VM.
  • Clusters over IP  IPCI (IP Cluster Interconnect) enables use of IP for OpenVMS Cluster communication
  • 2 TB Volume support  Maximum volume size is increased from 1 TB to 2 TB
  • Extended membership on shadowing  Increase in number of member disks in a host-based volume-shadowing set from 3 disks to 6 disks
  • Provisioning full install with no assumptions  Provisioning does a complete install, apply a license PAK, and performs configuration of TCP/IP
  • Integrity RAD support  Improved performance on NUMA systems
  • HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.7 enhancements  Packet Processing Engine, FTP Anonymous Light
  • Performance and reliability improvements 

OpenVMS Layered Products

For information about released production-quality OpenVMS Layered Products and the OpenVMS operating system versions they support, please refer to the Software Public Rollout Reports at the following URL:

 HP OpenVMS Software Public Rollout Reports


Supported versions of firmware for Alpha and Integrity systems can be downloaded from the links below:

 Alpha Systems Firmware
 HP Integrity Systems Firmware

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