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Announcing OpenVMS Version 8.4 for Integrity and Alpha Servers!

HP is pleased to announce the release of OpenVMS version 8.4 for Integrity and Alpha servers! OpenVMS version 8.4 includes all the capabilities of its predecessor, and introduces new features including:

  • OpenVMS as a guest operating system on HP Integrity Virtual Machine
  • Clusters over TCP/IP
  • Host-based volume shadowing with up to 6-member shadow sets
  • 2 terabyte SCSI volumes
  • Performance enhancements
  • Manageability improvements - Support for Insight Dynamics v6.0, enhanced blade management and full system provisioning
  • Security and Unix portability enhancements

For a complete list of the new features in the OpenVMS version 8.4 release, see HP OpenVMS version 8.4 new features and benefits chart ›, HP OpenVMS version 8.4 brochure ›, and HP OpenVMS SPDs ›.

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OpenVMS and HP Integrity servers: Exceeding expectations

Many of the world's most successful businesses trust and depend on OpenVMS and HP Integrity servers every day. With its combination of price/performance leadership, low TCO, scalability, high availability, and rock-solid security, OpenVMS sets a high standard.

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