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OpenVMS Provisioning using HP SIM, Version 4.1 New!

HP is pleased to announce the availability of Provisioning Version 4.1.

With provisioning support, HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) installs or upgrades the OpenVMS operating system quickly and easily on one or more servers in the network, much in the same way as HP-UX supports provisioning. You can install or upgrade OpenVMS on up to eight servers simultaneously. Provisioning support also facilitates installing or upgrading OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers that do not include a CD/DVD drive.

Provisioning V4.1 adds the ability to deploy OpenVMS V8.4 on the next generation HP Integrity rx2800 i2 servers and HP Integrity BL8x0c i2 server blades. Click here to download Provisioning V4.1 kit and documentation.

HP SIM is the foundation for HP's unified server-storage management strategy. It provides simplified, centralized management of multiple servers and platforms through a Web-based, unified ("single-pane-of-glass") interface. HP SIM provides the basic tools needed to identify, discover, monitor, and deploy systems and other assets on the network. The core HP SIM software uses WBEM to deliver essential capabilities required to manage HP server platforms.

HP SIM running on a Microsoft Windows ProLiant server supports provisioning of OpenVMS on HP Integrity rx3600, rx6600, rx2800 i2 servers and on HP Integrity BL8x0c i2, BL860c, BL870c server blades. An OpenVMS plug-in must be installed on the Windows ProLiant server; instructions are included in the Downloads page.

To provide provisioning over a network, HP SIM can be used in conjunction with the InfoServer software utility and TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS. In this case, you create a service for a bootable image of OpenVMS (a container file) stored at a location on the network accessible to the InfoServer. The OpenVMS InfoServer utility serves for provisioning in much the same way as does the HP Ignite-UX server for provisioning HP-UX on Integrity servers. Using HP SIM with the InfoServer, you can provision multiple servers (up to eight) simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can use HP SIM with vMedia, in which case you create an ISO image of the OpenVMS OE DVD, store the image on the server where HP SIM is running, and use HP SIM to connect vMedia to that image. Using vMedia, you can provision one server at a time. You can also use vMedia independently of HP SIM to install or upgrade a server over the network.

Visit the following HP OpenVMS Provisioning pages to download the kit and documentation:

Download HP OpenVMS Provisioning V4.1 kit and documentation New!
Download HP OpenVMS Provisioning User Guide