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Operations Manager Agent

HP Operations Manager Agent (previously called as HP OpenView Operations Agent)

HP Operations Manager is a comprehensive management solution that monitors, controls, automates corrective actions and reports on the health of all parts of the managed IT infrastructure. HP Operations Manager Agent for OpenVMS allows you to integrate OpenVMS systems into the HP Operations Manager environment, in order to establish a comprehensive end-to-end management solution. HP Operations Manager Agent for OpenVMS, are installed on managed OpenVMS systems and provide remote intelligence for collecting, aggregating, and monitoring information from a variety of information sources.

Announcing the launch of HP Operations Manager Agents Version 8.6 on OpenVMS

HP Operations Manager Agents Version 8.6 on OpenVMS is a combined agent for OMU 8.3x & 9.x, OMW 8.x & 9.0, and OML 9.x servers and is supported on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3-2,8.2, 8.3, & 8.4, and OpenVMS Integrity servers Version 8.2-1,8.3, 8.3-1H1, & 8.4.

Key features of HP Operations Manager Agents Version 8.6 on OpenVMS :

  • Remote installation of Agents
  • Automatic deployment of certificates
  • Requesting certificates from managed node using OVCERT utility
  • Auto up gradation of HTTPS Agents
  • New Tools and Utilities (opcqchk, opcdfchk)
  • Single release for Alpha and Integrity Servers with platform selection during installation/remove
  • Automatic platform registration

Following are the HTTPS and DCE based Agents available on OpenVMS platforms.

»  OpenVMS HTTPS Agent

»  OpenVMS DCE Agent

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