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OpenVMS version 7.3 new features & benefits

Compaq OpenVMS solutions deliver the highest levels of availability, scalability, flexibility, performance and security that are required for e-business today and in the future. OpenVMS has more than 20 years of proven reliability and is continuing to improve its availability and performance by delivering new technology into the base operating system and the OpenVMS Cluster Software environment. In addition, the base infrastructure technologies needed to support e-business applications are being incorporated into the OpenVMS license, so OpenVMS is e-business and Internet ready!

Today we have business solutions that allow robust data serving for today's business environment, integration with other business systems and platforms, and collaborative computing with both Compaq and non-Compaq environments.

OpenVMS V7.3 delivers the following new capabilities:

Continuous improvement of OpenVMS availability!

  • Improved disaster tolerant capabilities with ATM & Gigabit Ethernet as cluster interconnects because of their inherent high performance and long distance capabilities.
  • Greater system availability during backups with faster reintegration of shadow members after copies.
  • Enhanced VMS support for the latest ENSA Storage offerings.
  • Greater serviceability for the new AlphaServer GS systems with CPU Online Add/Remove.
Higher system and application performance!
  • Substantial application performance benefits can be realized with the new Extended File Cache.
  • Improved cluster, SMP and system performance through enhancements to RMS and the clusterwide Lock Manager, as well as FastPath support for Fibre Channel and SCSI storage architectures.
Expanding OpenVMS security options!
  • VMS adds industry standard Kerberos V5 security, which allows VMS applications to communicate and authenticate with Windows 2000 domains and UNIX platforms.
  • VMS Intrusion Detection expands to be cluster-wide, reducing chances of system break-ins.
Value-added OpenVMS system management functionality!
  • ECP Data Collector and ECP Performance Analyzer are now available at no additional charge with OpenVMS Version 7.3.
Plus the OpenVMS license is expanded to include all these new eBusiness Technologies!
  • Compaq Secure Web Server V1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha (Based on Apache)
  • Mozilla Web Browser (Alpha only)
  • COM for OpenVMS Alpha
  • Extensible Markup Language (XML) Technology (XML parser and XSLT stylesheet processor)
  • Java™ 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v 1.2.2 for OpenVMS Alpha
  • Attunity Connect "On Platform" Package (native JDBC driver included)
  • Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) for OpenVMS Alpha and VAX
  • OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for eBusiness (X.500)
  • Compaq BridgeWorks
This chart describes much of the functionality included in OpenVMS Version 7.3 and associated products. It specifies whether the feature is Alpha specific, VAX specific, or common to both hardware platforms.

Write Bitmap and Shadow Minicopy
  • Performance and availability enhancement to Shadowing full copy.
  • Greater system availability during backups with faster reintegration of shadow members after copies
  • Enables faster reintegration of shadow member after copy
  • Fully supported on OpenVMS Alpha, VAX systems can participate
Switched LAN as a CI
  • Provides support for Gigabit Ethernet and ATM as full switched cluster interconnects.
  • Allows all LAN devices to participate in load distribution of cluster traffic.
  • Can easily manage and control multiple network adapters as a cluster interconnect
  • Provides increased cluster traffic throughput with load distribution across multiple LAN interconnects
  • Improves the disaster tolerant capabilities of an OpenVMS Cluster with support for the high performance and long distance characteristics of ATM and Gigabit Ethernet
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Extended File Cache (XFC) V1.0
  • Replacement for the VIOC
  • Extends the capabilites of cluster file cache
  • Provides the following capabilities:
    • Read ahead caching
    • 100 closed files in cache
    • Larger cache size
    • More useful monitoring information to users
    • Ability to configure cache memory as static and/or dynamic
  • Improved I/O performance
  • Better suited for handling larger applications
  • Faster boot times
  • Provides the following capabilities:
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Lock Manager Performance Enhancements
  • Various features which simplify the use of locks in an OpenVMS cluster
  • Improves cluster and application performance, SMP system performance, and scalability and application availability
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
RMS Locking Reductions
  • Reduction to global bucket locking and record locking
  • Improves RMS application performance
  • Saves millions of locks for applications with a high ratio of read to write operations
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Fibre Channel and SCSI Fastpath
  • Increases performance by moving processing off the primary CPU in an SMP system
  • Improves storage performance and scaling in SMP systems
  • Provides system management controls for designating a CPU or set of CPUs to offload the primary CPU
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Fibre Channel Tape Support
  • Support for SCSI tapes in a Fibre Channel environment
  • Compaq's Modular Data Router (FC to parallel SCSI bridge) is supported
  • Multihost but not multipath
  • Connects to a single Fibre Channel port on a switch
  • Supported as a native OpenVMS tape device by COPY, BACKUP, etc.
  • Tape device can be shared by all cluster members via TMSCP
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
SCSI 3 Tapes
  • Provides support for new drives that meet the SCSI 3 standard
  • OpenVMS provides support for newest industry standard tapes
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
CPU On-Line Add/Remove
  • Ability to add or remove a CPU without rebooting the system
  • Improves system maintainability and serviceability
  • Supported on GS160 and GS320 systems
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Kerberos V5 Security
  • Allows OpenVMS security model to accept Kerberos authentication
  • Port of M.I.T. V5 Kerberos Release 1.0.5
  • Allows OpenVMS applications to communicate and authenticate with Windows 2000 domains and most UNIX platforms
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Clusterwide Intrusion Detection
  • Provides intrusion detection to the cluster versus only one node
  • Provides higher security for OpenVMS Clusters by expanding the current individual node-base intrusion detection to be Cluster-wide and Cluster aware
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Offload Primary CPU
  • Provides ability to move certain software off primary CPU
  • Improves overall system performance in an SMP environment
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Large Pagefiles
  • Provides ability to add/delete/expand pagefiles without rebooting
  • Provides larger page files with dynamic management
  • Improves system availability
  • Improves application scaling by allowing applications to have larger address spaces
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Class Scheduler
  • Provides a user interface that does not require an image/application to use the VMS class scheduling feature
  • Can create a permanent class scheduling database so that classes do not have to be recreated after a reboot
  • Allows CPU resources to be parceled out by user class
  • Provides ability to limit the amount of CPU time that a system's users may receive by placing the users into scheduling classes
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Performance API
  • Provides the $GETRMI system service for performance monitoring
  • Allows performance software engineers to access a predefined list of performance data items
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Compaq Web Management Agent
  • Consists of a web server for system management with management agents
  • Utilizes Web-based enterprise management (WBEM) architecture
  • Use SNMP and TCP/IP protocols
  • Utilizes Compaq Insight Manager XE on an NT server as the management server/application
  • Allows communication with devices on OpenVMS systems via the Internet or intranet
  • Allows management of all Compaq platforms, including OpenVMS, from a single NT server
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Automatic Daylight Savings Time Service
  • Optional feature that allows OpenVMS to adjust to daylight savings changes
  • Allows OpenVMS to automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
CRTL Enhancements
  • Strptime function was made XPG5-compliant
  • Limitation of eight nested directory levels was lifted (Alpha only)
  • Most C RTL functions now accept long OpenVMS-style file names as arguments
  • Supports case preservation in file names (Alpha only)
  • Supports exact-case argv arguments (Alpha only)
  • Files can be implicitly opened for shared access
  • Alternative way of translating UNIX file specs
  • Allows Java and C run-time to support ODS-5 file names
  • More e-business ready for customers wanting to run Java applications on OpenVMS
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
World-Wide PostScript Printing Subsystem (WWPPS)
  • Adds the WWPPS feature from Asian OpenVMS into OpenVMS as a new DCL utility
  • Provides ability to print text files in many languages on generic PostScript printers that do not have resident language fonts
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Universal LDAPV3 API
  • Provides capability to access remote directory services such as X.500, ActiveDirectory or Novell's NDS using the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Allows OpenVMS application developers, third party applications and users to access LDAP directories anywhere in the enterprise, intranet, extranet or Internet hosted by non-OpenVMS systems
  • Automatically supports both 64-bit and 32-bit multi-threaded applications
  • Common Object Model (COM) aware
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Fortran Support for 64-Bit Address (Alpha)
  • Support added to allow Fortran developers to use static data in 64-bit address space
  • Allows Fortran programmers to capitalize on larger static data areas without coding changes
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
  • New tools for processing dump files
  • Allows for transportability of dumps (being able to analyze a process dump on a system other than the system where the dump occurred)
  • Allows 64-bit addresses
  • Threads capable
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Spinlock Tracing Utility
  • Analysis tool for characterizing spinlock usage
  • Collects peformance data for a given spinlock on a per-CPU basis
  • Allows you to analyze performance bottlenecks and potentially optimize performance of your system or application based on the information generated by the tool
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Multiprocess Debug
  • Debugger support for multiprocess programs has been extensively overhauled
  • User-interface has been improved
  • Makes it easier to debug multiprocess programs
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
DECthreads V3.17
  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • Support for Compaq C V6.2-005
  • Support for Visual Threads
  • Common code base with Tru64 UNIX (V4.0D through V5.0a)
  • Improves application performance and scalability
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Visual Threads
  • Diagnostic tool that helps to analyze and refine multithreaded applications
  • Contains functionality and enhancements to help find application problems before they occur
  • Helps in debugging potential thread-related logic problems
  • Pinpoints bottlenecks and performance problems
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Included Software:
Compaq Secure Web Server V1.0 for OpenVMS Alpha
  • Based on Apache
  • Includes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the open standard security protocol for the transfer of sensitive information over the Internet
  • Features a first-of-its-kind certificate tool
  • Provides secure transfer of sensitive information over the Internet, extranets, and intranets
  • Certificate tool greatly simplifies creating and managing certificates through a simple user interface
  • Licensed with OpenVMS and serviced under the OpenVMS service contract
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Mozilla Web Browser Provides the following features:
  • Customization capabilities
  • Support for current standards including HTML4, CSS, XML, RDF and DOM
  • Integration of mail, instant messaging, security features, and html document creation and editing
  • Automatic translation of web pages for access to the global Internet
  • Open-source web browser, designed for standards-compliance, performance and portability
  • Original source base for Mozilla was Netscape Communicator
  • Official supported web browser on OpenVMS Alpha
  • Licensed with OpenVMS and serviced under the OpenVMS service contract
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
COM for OpenVMS
  • Based on Microsoft's COM that shipped with Windows NT 4.0 SP3 and implements on OpenVMS many Microsoft features, including activation, automation, monikers, Type Libraries, and structured storage
  • Delivers connectivity and interoperability between OpenVMS and Windows NT systems
  • Allows programmers to write distributed applications that run across a heterogeneous environment of systems
  • Licensed with OpenVMS
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
XML Technology
  • The XML 1.0 recommendation from the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3) is supported along with the Document Object Model (DOM) and The Simple API for XML (SAX) APIs
  • Provides a high performance XML parser and XSLT stylesheet processor that gives applications the ability to parse, generate, manipulate, and validate XML documents and data
  • Licensed with OpenVMS and serviced under the OpenVMS service contract
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Attunity Connect "On Platform" Package for OpenVMS Alpha
  • Subset of the full Attunity Connect functionality that includes ODBC, JDBC and XML client APIs, and ODBC, XML and data/database adapters
  • Object-oriented middleware which facilities the development of applications that access, integrate, and update data from multiple, heterogeneous sources across a wide range of operating system platforms
  • Licensed with OpenVMS and serviced under the OpenVMS service contract
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
OpenVMS Enterprise Directory for e-business (LDAPv3/X.500)
  • Combines the best of both the industry standard LDAPv3 and X.500 capabilities
  • LDAPv3 allows access by a myriad of LDAP clients, user agents and applications
  • X.500 delivers high performance resilience, advanced access controls and easy replication across the enterprise
  • Delivers robust and scaleable directory services across intranets, extranets and the Internet to customers, suppliers, and partners
  • Licensed with OpenVMS
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Reliable Transaction Router Version 4.0
  • Software fault tolerant transactional messaging middleware used to implement large, distributed applications using client/server technology
  • Object Oriented Interface - introduces an object model now available in C++
  • Web-Based Management - configure and manage RTR with Internet Explorer
  • Shadowing enhancement
  • License RTR with OpenVMS
  • Shadowing enhancements - reduce transaction recovery time and inccrease data availability from a remote site
  • Object Oriented Interface - greatly simplifies the development of fault tolerant applications
  • Applications can inherit functionality from RTR
  • Web-Based Management - configure and manage RTR with Internet Explorer
  • Reduce cost of ownership - with RTR V4.0, license rights for RTR V4.0 and prior versions will be granted as part of the OpenVMS operating system license
  • supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Compaq BridgeWorks
  • GUI-based tool that will automatically generate the code needed to expose existing 3GL business logic through standard component technology
  • Enables the easy componentization of VMS 3GL business routines as COM objects
  • The componentization of existing heritage applications allows customers to integrate web based front ends and/or new object oriented clients with these programs, linking existing business logic with new technology
  • Licensed with OpenVMS
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Compaq ECP Data Collect and ECP Performance Analyzer
  • ECP Data Collect is a highly efficient, detailed performance data collector




  • ECP Performance Analyzer provides graphic historical reporting of OpenVMS performance parameters


  • Robust data collection set, it collects over 250 VMS performance parameters)
  • Flexible: data collection can be tuned down to sub-second sampling rate
  • Low overhead: has less than 1.5% impact on CPU
  • Licensed with OpenVMS V6.2 to V7.3
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX


  • The Performance Analyzer is a native OpenVMS product running under a GUI Motif
  • Views performance data in graphical format
  • Analyzed data includes CPU, Memory and I/O
  • Allows the user to select sampling rate
  • Licensed with OpenVMS V6.2 to V7.3
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Optional Software
Compaq DECram for OpenVMS V3.0 (Galaxy RAMdisk)
  • Adds capability to use Galaxy shared memory to create a VMS shared memory disk
  • New user interface
  • Allows customers to take advantage of Galaxy shared memory with no modifications to any of their applications
  • Enables all instances in a Galaxy configuration to access the memory disk
  • Faster access for data in shared disk environment
  • New user interface simplifies management of memory disk
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
OpenVMS Cluster Software
Enhancements to clustering for OpenVMS Version 7.3 include:
  • Switched LAN devices as full cluster interconnects
  • Fibre Channel Tape Performance enhancements
  • Lock Manager Performance enhancements
  • Improved availability due to long-distance cluster and storage interconnects, and the ability to distribute the load over multiple, redundant paths
  • Improved performance due to program improvements and better SMP utilization for storage and cluster functions
  • Software distributed on the OpenVMS operating system CD-ROM
  • Licensed separately from the OpenVMS operating system
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Compaq Galaxy Software Architecture
  • Supported on AlphaServer GS80/160/320 systems
  • RAMdisk on shared memory with Compaq DECram for OpenVMS V3.0
  • Supports up to eight instances of OpenVMS in a single computer
  • Provides support for OpenVMS Galaxy instances in hard partitions
  • Licensed separately from the OpenVMS operating system
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
Compaq Volume Shadowing
Enhancements to Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS (Alpha) Version 7.3 include:
  • Shadow Minicopy feature
  • Disaster tolerant support for Fibre Channel configurations
  • Enhancements to Volume Shadowing (Alpha) improve performance over disaster tolerant configurations by utilizing the speed of the Fibre Channel inter-site connection and by reducing shadow copy times by writing only the changes that have been made to the shadow set
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
TCP/IP Services V5.1 for OpenVMS
Provides the following new features:
  • NFS V3 Server enhancements
    • Support for large files, improved performance and increased scalability
    • NFS file locking
  • DHCP dynamic updates to DNS
  • IPV6 support
  • Anti Spam
  • Prevents the use of the SMTP server as a SPAM source
  • Provides interoperability and resource sharing among systems running OpenVMS, UNIX, Windows NT, and other operating systems that support TCP/IP
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of functions and applications that support industry-standard protocols for heterogeneous network communications and resource sharing
  • Licensed separately from the OpenVMS operating system
  • Software distributed on the OpenVMS operating system CD-ROM and on the quarterly Software Product Libraries for OpenVMS CD-ROM
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
Advanced Server V7.3 for OpenVMSAlpha V7.2 and V7.3
Provides the following new features:
  • Member Server
  • Windows 2000 interoperability
  • Alias file names support
  • Extended Character Set
  • NT Print Management Support (SpoolSS)
  • DNS Load Balancing
  • DNS Name Resolution on OpenVMS Alpha
  • Implements networking functions that are compatible with Windows NT Server
  • Provides reliable file, print and LAN services to Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows for Workgroups PCs
  • Provides Windows users with seamless access to OpenVMS files and printers through Windows software without modification
  • Provides a seamless upgrade to Advanced Server from a PATHWORKS for OpenVMS environment
  • Allows operators and administrators to use native Windows administration utilities to administer Advanced Server users, disks, and printer shares from a client or server
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha
DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS V7.3
  • DECnet-Plus is the primary version of DECnet on OpenVMS V7.3
  • Provides full support for DECnet Phase IV applications and protocols (NSP), OSI applications and protocols, and DECnet over TCP/IP
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX
DECnet Phase IV for OpenVMS V7.3
  • DECnet Phase IV ships with OpenVMS and is supported through a Prior Version Support contract
  • Supported on OpenVMS Alpha and OpenVMS VAX