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OpenVMS Alpha version 7.1-2 operating system

Order #: QA-MT1AR-H8

Compaq is pleased to introduce the OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 operating system. The primary purpose of the OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 operating system is to provide support for the 21264 processor in the Compaq AlphaServer GS60 and Compaq AlphaServer GS140 systems. In addition, this release includes Year 2000 enhancements and remedial kits for OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1. The remedial kits included with Version 7.1-2 are listed in the OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 Release Notes and Installation Procedures.

OpenVMS Version 7.1-2 includes all hardware supported in OpenVMS Version 7.1-1H1 and 7.1-1H2, as well as the following new hardware:

  • 21264 processor on Compaq AlphaServer GS60 and Compaq AlphaServer GS140 systems
  • Other new hardware support included in Version 7.1-2:
    • Digital Personal Workstations with integrated IDE CD-ROM support
    • Ultra SCSI Clusters
    • KZPCM adapter
    • SCSI hub DWZZH-05, with four-node support in a SCSI multihost cluster system
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Compact/PCI System CS-1000
    • OpenVMS support for IDE CD-ROM Device Driver
copyright statement (1998)

[TM] The following are trademarks of Compaq Computer Corporation: AlphaServer, AlphaStation, CI, DEC,
DECdtm, DECevent, DECnet, DECwindows, OpenVMS, POLYCENTER, TMSCP, VMS, VMScluster, and the DIGITAL logo.

[R] PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Incorporated. Motif is a registered trademark of the Open Software Foundation, Inc.

kit contents

Your OpenVMS Version 7.1-2 kit includes the following items:

  • OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 CD-ROM 1 of 2
  • OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 CD-ROM 2 of 2
  • Alpha Firmware Update Version 5.3
  • OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 Release Notes and Installation Procedures
  • OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1 Upgrade and Installation Manual
  • OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter - Compaq's Commitment to OpenVMS
support policy

In November 1996, DIGITAL announced a revised support policy and a new Prior Version Support Service for customers concerned that software release cycles and the end of support may not be aligned with their ability to migrate systems to the new software releases.

Compaq is continuing these support policies. In keeping with the November 1996 policy, support is available for the current version and the previous version (for up to 12 months) when a customer purchases a standard support contract.

For versions of software older than the previous version, Prior Version Support service is available in two levels of support, including full, remedial support on selected products and versions. This year, extended Year 2000 support was announced to provide regular remedial support through 30-JUN-2000 for OpenVMS VAX and Alpha Version 7.1 and OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2.

For more information about all levels of support, contact your support representative or visit the Services web site: http://www.compaq.com/services

firmware upgrade note

OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 has been tested and validated with the Alpha Systems Firmware Version 5.3.

release notes

The following release notes supplement the information contained in the OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 Release Notes and Installation Procedures.

TCP/IP version 4.2 for OpenVMS error messages

When booting DIGITAL TCP/IP Version 4.2 for OpenVMS with OpenVMS Version 7.1-2 you will receive the following error messages:

  • UCX-F-ERROR, logical UCX$INET_HOST does not exist
  • UCX-F-ERROR, logical UCX$INET_DOMAIN does not exist
  • UCX-F-ERROR, logical UCX$INET_ADDR does not exist
  • Check if UCX has been configured on this system
  • Cannot register UCX
Although these error messages occur when you reboot your system, they can be ignored. DIGITAL TCP/IP for OpenVMS will successfully boot and configure correctly. Do not reconfigure TCP/IP. These error messages will be corrected in a future remedial kit.

recompiling code with the ALONONPAGED_INLINE or LAL_REMOVE_FIRST macros

Any MACRO-32 code on OpenVMS Alpha that invokes either the ALONONPAGED_INLINE or the LAL_REMOVE_FIRST macros from the SYS$LIBRARY:LIB.MLB macro library must be recompiled on OpenVMS Version 7.1-2 to obtain a corrected version of these macros. The change to these macros corrects a potential synchronization problem that is more likely to be encountered on the forthcoming Alpha 21264 (EV6) processors.

Note: That source modules that call the EXE$ALONONPAGED routine (or any of its variants) do not need to be recompiled. These modules will transparently use the corrected version of the routine that is included in this release.

gigabit ethernet

Gigabit Ethernet support, both as an interconnect for a single system and for an OpenVMS Cluster system, requires an update kit. Do not attempt to configure your system with Gigabit Ethernet without installing the update kit.

The update kit will be available at the same time that OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.1-2 is available. Contact your Compaq support representative for the DEC-AXPVMS-MS712_UPDATE-V0100-4.PCSI or later remedial kit.

Possible Problem with KFPSA PCI DSSI Adapters on Compaq AlphaServers GS140 Systems

DSSI disk drives configured on KFPSA PCI DSSI Adapters may become Host Unavailable on Compaq AlphaServers GS140 systems.

If the DSSI disk drives become Host Unavailable, a system reboot is required to correct this condition. Please contact your Compaq Support representative for information regarding this problem.

customer appreciation

Compaq appreciates your interest in OpenVMS and is very pleased to provide you with this OpenVMS Version 7.1-2 software. Compaq is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced functionality and highest quality products possible and believes OpenVMS Version 7.1-2 reflects that dedication.