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HP Integrity server animation
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HP OpenVMS Operating Environments

HP simplifies software procurement, installation, and management for OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers with Operating Environment (OE) bundles. Each OE bundle includes products that create a complete environment designed for increasing levels of management, availability, and disaster tolerance.

Operating Environments on Integrity from version 8.4: Starting from OpenVMS Version 8.4, the three-tier Operating Environment model, which consists of Foundation Operating Environment (FOE), Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE), and Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE) is replaced with a two-tier Operating Environment model consisting of Base Operating Environment (BOE) and High Availability Operating Environment (HA-OE).

  • Base Operating Environment (BOE): BOE bundle includes all the components of FOE, which includes the operating system, along with networking and infrastructure software and two components from EOE. The following component products that were formerly part of the EOE are now part of the BOE:
    • DECram for OpenVMS
    • HP OpenVMS Management Station
  • High Availability Operating Environment (HA-OE): HA-OE bundle includes all components of Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE) including Clusters and HP Reliable Transaction Router, four components of Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE) and Global Work Load Manager (gWLM) agent for OpenVMS. The following products that were formerly part of the EOE are now part of the HA-OE:
    • HP Availability Manager
    • OpenView Performance Agent (OVPA) for OpenVMS
    • RMS Journaling for OpenVMS
    • HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS

HA-OE component products are not included in the BOE and can be ordered separately.

Operating Environments on Integrity for version 8.3-1H1 and earlier:

  • The Foundation Operating Environment (FOE) is a fully featured operating environment. It delivers the base OpenVMS operating system with single-system reliability, security, serviceability, manageability, and interoperability features.
  • The Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE) includes all of the components of the FOE, plus tools to enhance the user experience in the areas of manageability, single-system availability, and performance.
  • The premium Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE) bundle delivers the ultimate user experience in terms of multisystem availability and workload management. This package includes everything in the FOE and EOE.
In addition, OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 and earlier on HP Integrity servers is available in localized versions for Japan, Korea (Hangul), and China (Hanzi). Also, note that individual products can be purchased a la carte to meet specialized requirements.

OE Bundle Summary

HP OpenVMS Operating Environment bundles offer the following advantages:
  • Ordering is easier
  • License management is easier because only a single key is required
  • OE installation is easier from a single DVD
  • Support contracts are simpler; a single contract entry is provided for all components in the operating environment selected

For additional information about OpenVMS OE bundles, please refer to these documents: