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Program overview

HP provides long-term business continuity for VAX and AlphaServer system customers. The transition module kits demonstrate the business value of moving forward with HP by providing information to help plan and design the transition to OpenVMS on Integrity servers.

Page contents:
» Modules in this release
» Objectives and prerequisites
» Download this release
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 Modules in this release

The planning and design modules address environment assessment and high-level planning. The high-level plans are used when entering the design phase, where more specific details on how the transition will be conducted are defined.

The following table lists the OpenVMS VAX / AlphaServer systems to OpenVMS Integrity servers transition modules that are currently available:

Transition module Description
Platform Infrastructure High-level planning information and recommendations to assess efforts to transition the platform infrastructure, including servers, operating systems, storage, and tape devices
Custom Code High-level planning and design information and recommendations to assess efforts to transition custom-code applications (addresses programming-related transition issues)
Packaged Applications Planning and design information and recommendations to help assess efforts to transition packaged applications from independent software vendors (ISVs)
Database for Oracle and Rdb
Planning information and recommendations to help assess efforts to transition databases for Oracle and Rdb

 Objectives and prerequisites

  • Provide method and framework to approach transition planning and design
  • Provide the means to begin to gauge level of effort and transition duration
  • Save time and effort in planning and designing the transition to HP Integrity servers
  • Help identify the areas within each module that require further planning or design, and those that do not pertain to the transition
  • Help define a customized plan for those areas that require further planning and design
To get the most from these transition modules:
  • Be familiar with long term business and technical goals
  • Be familiar with the current hardware and operating system environment (platform infrastructure)
  • Be familiar with the OpenVMS application development environment, and any custom-code applications
  • Be familiar with current ISV packaged applications, if applicable
  • Understand the current overall database design and implementation; database usage, characteristics, and resource demands; and database access points and dependencies
  • Understand the current overall architectural implementation
  • Be aware of any system design goals that were used in the current implementation
  • Be aware of any system design goals that are desired for the target platform

 Download this release

The transition module kits are packaged in downloadable Zip files for use by HP OpenVMS customers. Each Zip file is comprised of a directory of associated documents, each of which can be viewed in a Web browser. Customers must agree with the license terms and submit registration information before receiving the Zip file.

To download transition modules Zip files:

  1. Fill out the registration form
    • Customers must read, understand, and agree to the license terms.
    • Click "Submit" to send the registration form.

  2. Select one of the following transition modules from the download page, and right click to save the file to a local folder:
    • "VAX Transition Modules Zip file"
    • "Alpha Transition Module Zip file"

 More information

For more information about the transition modules, please contact HP.