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Transition tools

HP offers the resources and tools needed to ensure smooth and successful application and systems transitions. This page offers a variety of tools to help with the transition to OpenVMS on HP Integrity servers.

Application porting
Application Transition tools

The following transition tools provide support for assessing and planning your custom code transition efforts:

  • Alpha Environment Software Translator (AEST)—a utility that translates executable and shareable OpenVMS AlphaServer system images into functionally equivalent images that run on OpenVMS on Integrity servers. A translated image is an OpenVMS Integrity server image containing both AlphaServer system code translated into Integrity server code, as well as the original OpenVMS AlphaServer system image.

    To Download this translator please visit http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/products/omsva/omsais.html

  • VAX Environment Software Translator (VEST)—a utility that translates executable and shareable OpenVMS VAX images into functionally equivalent images that run on OpenVMS AlphaServer systems. A translated image is an OpenVMS AlphaServer system image containing both VAX code translated into AlphaServer systems code, as well as the original OpenVMS VAX image.

    To download this translator please visit http://h71000.www7.hp.com/openvms/products/omsva/omsva.html

  • Translated Image Environment (TIE)—a utility that provides the run-time environment for translated image execution.

  • PL/I to C/C++—programming language conversion tools and services provided by Software Resources International (SRI). For more information read the translation services overview.

  • PointSecure Migration Advisor—PointSecure, working with HP OpenVMS, has created a tool called Migration Advisor that aids in collecting information about your current OpenVMS system environment. For the Migration Advisor FAQ, click here or for a quick overview, click here. Migration Advisor can be downloaded from PointSecure at http://www.pointsecure.com/products/MigrationAdvisor.aspx.

  • Kednos PL/I Itanium Solution—Kednos Enterprises has released their PL/I Run-Time Library for supporting Translated Images on OpenVMS I64. This is the only way to get your OpenVMS VAX or Alpha PL/I software running in an OpenVMS I64 environment.

    This software product is a port of the OpenVMS Alpha PL/I Run-TIme Library to OpenVMS I64. Its purpose is to provide run-time support for translated PL/I images. The RTL supports images originally compiled and linked under OpenVMS Alpha that have subsequently been translated for execution on OpenVMS I64 using the AEST translator from HP's OpenVMS Migration Software for Alpha to Integrity Servers (OMSAIS).

    The Native IPF PL/I Run-Time Library for Translated Images is available for download on the Kednos website: http://www.kednos.com/
Porting checklist

For a list of items to consider when porting custom code, see the Custom Code Planning and Design module in the transition modules package. This supporting documentation also includes a porting checklist.