HP OpenVMS 35 years

Here today. Here tomorrow.

Great things go into the making of a legend: the qualities of perseverance, integrity, timelessness, and unbeatable performance.

With this in mind, HP OpenVMS most certainly earns its place among legendary performers in the technology field. A star in its own right, HP OpenVMS is an icon that has endured with time, staying consistent and current with today’s needs.

October 25, 2012 is yet another milestone in the path of the invincible giant as HP OpenVMS celebrates 35 rocking years since its initial release. Now, three and a half decades on, HP OpenVMS is more reliable, more robust, and even more unstoppable than ever before.

The makings of a legend

Every legend is a compendium of stories. Stories made of moments that have found their place in time, and remain there for posterity. Highlights that serve as a reminder of their greatness, and times that are unforgettable. For OpenVMS, those are the very features that have gone into the makings of the legend it is today.


OpenVMS is considered as one of the most secure operating systems in the world, it ranks among the operating systems with the least reported security vulnerabilities and malware.

High Availability and Disaster Tolerance

  • OpenVMS is regarded as the “gold standard” in clustering. With the addition of Clustering over IP this has been taken to the next level.
  • OpenVMS’s robust “Shared All” clustering coupled with robust security design and features such as shadowing has meant that our customers count their uptime in years and not months.
  • OpenVMS clustering features have ensured that through rolling upgrades we have been able to provide undisrupted application availability while upgrading hardware and software components.
  • OpenVMS can support up to 96 nodes in a cluster, separated by a distance of up to 500 miles.

Flexibility and Adaptability

OpenVMS has taken many forms continuously adapting from VAX to Alpha and now to the Integrity Platform

Dynamic Optimization

Greater adaptability and agility through virtualization features


OpenVMS is keeping with the times and in line with the support for Virtualization. OpenVMS can now run as a virtual machine on the HP Integrity VM.


With a legion of fans in its wake, HP OpenVMS has won a fair share of accolades. Here's what our customers have to say:
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