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HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS: OpenVMS Version 8.4 > Chapter 7 Using Minicopy for Backing Up Data (Integrity servers and Alpha)

Starting a Minicopy Operation

If a bitmap exists for a shadow set member, a minicopy operation starts by default when you specify the MOUNT command to return a shadow set member to the shadow set. This is equivalent to using the /POLICY=MINICOPY=OPTIONAL qualifier to the MOUNT command. If a bitmap is not available, a full copy occurs.

An example of using the /POLICY=MINICOPY=OPTIONAL qualifier with the MOUNT command follows:


If the shadow set (DSA5) is already mounted and a bitmap exists for this shadow set member ($4$DUA0), the command adds the device $4$DUA0 to the shadow set with a minicopy operation. If a bitmap is not available, this command adds $4$DUA0 with a full copy.

To ensure that a MOUNT command succeeds only if a minicopy can take place, specify /POLICY=MINICOPY only (that is, omit =OPTIONAL). If a bitmap is not available, the mount fails.