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HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS: OpenVMS Version 8.4 > Chapter 7 Using Minicopy for Backing Up Data (Integrity servers and Alpha)

Procedure for Using Minicopy

To use the minicopy operation:

  1. Start a bitmap.

    A bitmap is started by specifying the new qualifier /POLICY=MINICOPY[=OPTIONAL] to the DISMOUNT command when removing a member from a shadow set. You can also start a bitmap with the MOUNT command when mounting a shadow set less one or two members, as described in “Creating a Bitmap With MOUNT”.

  2. Use the bitmap for a minicopy operation when you return the shadow set member to the shadow set.

    If a bitmap exists for the shadow set, a minicopy operation is invoked by default by the following MOUNT command:

    $ MOUNT DSA42/SHAD=$4$DUA42 volume-label

    To guarantee that only a minicopy takes place, use the /POLICY=MINICOPY qualifier, as shown in the following example:

    $ MOUNT DSA42/SHAD=$4$DUA42 volume-label/POLICY=MINICOPY

    If a bitmap does not exist for a minicopy, the mount fails.

    When a minicopy operation is completed, the bitmap associated with the disk is deleted.

For a detailed description of how to use /POLICY=MINICOPY[=OPTIONAL] with the MOUNT and DISMOUNT commands, see “Creating Bitmaps” and “Starting a Minicopy Operation ”.