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Controlling HSC Assisted Copy and Minimerge Operations

This section describes how to control assisted copy and minimerge operations on an HSC controller. It is not possible to control these operations on an HSJ controller.

To disable both the merge and copy performance assists on the HSC controller, follow these steps on each HSC controller for which you want to disable the assists:

  1. Press Ctrl/C to get to the HSC prompt.

  2. When the HSC> prompt appears on the terminal screen, enter the following commands:

    SETSHO-I Your settings require an IMMEDIATE reboot on exit.
    SETSHO-Q Rebooting HSC.  Press RETURN to continue, CTRL/Y to abort:

After you issue these commands, the HSC controller automatically reboots:

INIPIO-I Booting...

To re-enable the assists, follow the same procedure on your HSC controller, but use the /HOST_BASED_SHADOWING qualifier on the SET SERVER DISK command.

Use the HSC command SHOW ALL to see whether the assists are enabled or disabled. The following example shows a portion of the SHOW ALL display that indicates the shadowing assists status:

5-Jun-1997 16:42:51.40 Boot:  21-Feb-1997 13:07:19.47   Up: 2490:26
Version: V860           System ID: %X000011708247     Name: HSJNOT
Front Panel:  Secure                                  HSC Type: HSC90
Disk Server Options:
        Disk Caching: Disabled
        Host Based Shadowing Assists: Enabled
        Variant Protocol: Enabled
        Disk Drive Controller Timeout: 2 seconds
        Maximum Sectors per Track: 74 sectors
        Disk Copy Data connection limit: 4      Active:0