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Licensing Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS

To use the volume shadowing product on OpenVMS Alpha, you must purchase a license for it, even though the volume shadowing software is part of the OpenVMS operating system. On OpenVMS Integrity server systems, the volume shadowing license is included in enterprise, mission critical, and high availability operating environments.

For OpenVMS Integrity server computers, a volume shadowing license is included in the collection of OpenVMS products known as the Enterprise Operating Environment (EOE), the Mission Critical Operating Environment (MCOE), or the High Availability Operating Environment (HAOE). It is not included in the Foundation Operating Environment (FOE) or the Base Operating Environment (BOE). If you bought the FOE or BOE, you must purchase a separate Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS license. For more information about these operating environments, see the HP Operating Environments for OpenVMS Industry Standard 64 Version 8.2 for Integrity servers Software Product Description (SPD 82.34.xx).

After licensing the OpenVMS operating system by registering an OpenVMS Product Authorization Key (PAK), OpenVMS Alpha system managers and managers of OpenVMS Integrity server systems with the FOE or BOE must also license Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS with a separate volume shadowing PAK. The PAK provides information that defines the Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS license contract you have with HP. Obtain a PAK from your HP sales representative.

When you enter information from the PAK into the online LICENSE database, the OpenVMS License Management Facility (LMF) authorizes the use of volume shadowing.

You must register and activate a license for Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS on each node that mounts a shadow set, including satellites in an OpenVMS Cluster system. If you do not register and activate licenses on nodes that use volume shadowing, subsequent shadow set mount operations do not succeed and displays error messages similar to the ones shown in Example 3-1.

Example 3-1 Nodes Not Registered to Use Volume Shadowing

%LICENSE-E-NOAUTH, DEC VOLSHAD use is not authorized on this node
-LICENSE-F-NOLICENSE, no license is active for this software product
-LICENSE-I-SYSMGR, please see your system manager

After you register the volume shadowing PAK, you must set the shadowing parameters on each node where you want to enable shadowing.

For more information about volume shadowing licensing, see the HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS Software Product Description (SPD 27.29.xx). For more information about the License Management Facility, see the OpenVMS Operating System Software Product Description (SPD 25.01.xx ). You can also consult the HP OpenVMS License Management Utility Manual.