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HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS: OpenVMS Version 8.4 > Chapter 1 Introduction to HP Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS


Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS is a System Integrated Product (SIP) that you install at the same time that you install the operating system. On OpenVMS Integrity server systems, the license for Volume Shadowing is included in the Enterprise Operating Environment and in the Mission Critical Operating Environment. It is not included in the Foundation Operating Environment but can be purchased separately. On OpenVMS Alpha, Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS requires its own license that is separate from the OpenVMS base operating system license. To use the volume shadowing software, it must be licensed either as part of an OpenVMS Integrity server operating environment or by a separate license, as described. All nodes booting from shadowed system disks must have shadowing licensed and enabled. See the instructions included in your current OpenVMS upgrade and installation manual.

For more information about licensing Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS, see “Licensing Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS ”