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HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 1: Common Data Security Architecture

Elective Module Manager (EMM) API Functions

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These functions are implemented by an Elective Module Manager and are made available to CSSM in a function table.

For a module attach of a service provider managed by an EMM, CSSM invokes ModuleManagerAuthenticate(). Upon successful completion of this function, the elective module manager returns its function table to CSSM with the following modules:

  • DeregisterDispatchTable

  • EventNotifyManager

  • Initialize

  • ModuleManagerAuthenticate

  • RefreshFunctionTable

  • RegisterDispatchTable

  • Terminate

Table of Contents

DeregisterDispatchTable() - Invalidate CSSM pointers to EMM
EventNotifyManager() - Receive an event notification
Initialize() - Verify module version
ModuleManagerAuthenticate() - Module manager authentication
RefreshFunctionTable() - Gets EMM-defined API function
RegisterDispatchTable() - Provide the EMM with CSSM function pointers
Terminate() - Clean up module-manager-specific activities