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CSSM_CL_CrlGetFirstCachedFieldValue — Get field values from the cached CRL (CDSA)


# include <cssm.h>
const CSSM_DATA *CrlRecordIndex,
const CSSM_OID *CrlField,
CSSM_HANDLE_PTR ResultsHandle,
uint32 *NumberOfMatchedFields,
CSSM_DATA_PTR *FieldValue)
CSSM_RETURN CSSMCLI CL_CrlGetFirstCachedFieldValue
const CSSM_DATA *CrlRecordIndex,
const CSSM_OID *CrlField,
CSSM_HANDLE_PTR ResultsHandle,
uint32 *NumberOfMatchedFields,
CSSM_DATA_PTR *FieldValue)


Common Security Services Manager library (cdsa$incssm300_shr.exe)


CLHandle (input) 

The handle that describes the add-in Certificate Library module used to perform this function.

CrlHandle (input)

A handle identifying a CRL that the application has temporarily cached with the Certificate Library module. The referenced CRL is searched for the field values identified by CrlField.

CrlRecordIndex (input/optional)

An index value identifying a particular revocation record in a cached CRL. If an index value is supplied, the scan for the field values identified by CrlField is limited to the preselected revocation record.

CrlField (input) 

A pointer to an object identifier that identifies the field value to be extracted from the CRL.

ResultsHandle (output)

A pointer to the CSSM_HANDLE that should be used to obtain any additional matching fields.

NumberOfMatchedFields (output)

The total number of fields that match the CrlField OID. This count includes the first match, which was returned by this function.

FieldValue (output)

A pointer to the structure containing the value of the requested field. The structure and the field at I "(*FieldValue)->Data" are allocated by the service provider. The CSSM_CL_FreeFieldValue() (CSSM API), or CL_FreeFieldValue() (CL SPI), function can be used to deallocate *FieldValue and (*FieldValue)->Data.


This function returns a single structure containing a set of field values from the cached CRL identified by CrlHandle parameter. The selected fields are designated by the CSSM_OID CrlField parameter and returned in the output parameter FieldValue. The OID also identifies the data format of the values returned to the caller. If multiple OIDs designate the same CRL field, then each such OID defines a distinct data format for the returned values. The function CSSM_CL_CrlDescribeFormat() (CSSM API), or CL_CrlDescribeFormat() (CL SPI), provides a list of all CSSM_OID values supported by a CL module for naming fields of a CRL.

The search can be limited to a particular revocation record within the CRL. A single record is identified by the CrlRecordIndex parameter, which is returned by the function CSSM_CL_IsCertInCachedCrl() (CSSM API), or CL_IsCertInCachedCrl() (CL SPI). If no record index is supplied, the search is initiated from the beginning of the CRL.

The CRL can be signed or unsigned. This function does not perform any signature verification on the CRL fields or the CRL records. Each CRL record can be digitally signed when it is added to the CRL using the function CSSM_CL_CrlAddCert() (CSSM API), or CL_CrlAddCert() (CL SPI). The caller can examine fields in the CRL and CRL records at any time using this function.

The CrlField OID can identify a single occurrence of a set of CRL fields or multiple occurrences of a set of CRL fields. If the CrlField OID matches more than one occurrence, this function outputs the total number of matches and a ResultsHandle to be used as input to CSSM_CrlGetNextFieldValue() (CSSM API), or CrlGetNextFieldValue() (CL SPI), to retrieve the remaining matches. The first match is returned as the return value of this function.

This function determines the complete set of matches. The number of matches and the selected field values do not change between this function and subsequent calls to CSSM_CL_CrlGetNextFieldValue() (CSSM API), or CL_CrlGetNextFieldValue() (CL SPI).


A CSSM_RETURN value indicating success or specifying a particular error condition. The value CSSM_OK indicates success. All other values represent an error condition.


Errors are described in the CDSA Technical Standard.




Intel CDSA Application Developer's Guide

Online Help

Functions for the CSSM API:

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Functions for the CLI SPI:

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