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This manual consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1 contains a broad overview of CDSA.

Chapter 2 provides important information about installation and initialization of CDSA.

Chapter 3 describes Secure Delivery for OpenVMS, a new features included in CDSA Version 2.2. Secure Delivery creates digital signatures for files, so that the file and associated manifest can be delivered over an unsecured channel such as a web download.

Chapter 4 describes administrative and development utilities provided with CDSA.

Chapter 5 includes programming information and examples of using CDSA.

Following the chapters are three reference sections: the CDSA and MDSUTIL application programming interface functions (API functions), the Elective Module Manager (EMM) API functions, and the Human Recognition Service (HRS) API functions.

Following the reference sections are an appendix containing the open source notice and a glossary.