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The mod_install utility is used to add information about CDSA modules into the Module Directory Services database.

This program generally is called by SYS$STARTUP:CDSA$INITIALIZE.COM.


mod_install [-f] option [-s file] [-d path]



Specifies not to warn about unsigned or corrupt modules.


Specifies the action to be taken by the mod_install utility:


Install the module.


Uninstall the module.


Refresh the installation information.

-s file 

Specifies the full file specification (in UNIX directory format) of the source file to be installed.

-d path 

Specifies the destination path (in UNIX directory format) of the source file to be installed.


The following example installs the add-in module stubcsp300_shr.exe in the CDSA MDS database. The logical definition in the first command is necessary because the shareable image is not in SYS$LIBRARY and it will be invoked as part of the installation process.

$ define stubcsp300_shr "cdsa_tempdir:[addin]stubcsp300_shr.exe"
$ mod_install -i -s /cdsa_tempdir/addin -
_$ /stubcsp300_shr.exe -d /cdsa_tempdir/addin