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HP Open Source Security for OpenVMS Volume 1: Common Data Security Architecture > Chapter 4 CDSA Utility Programs


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The mds_install utility is used to create (install) or delete (uninstall) the Module Directory Services database used by CDSA.

This program generally is called by SYS$STARTUP:CDSA$INITIALIZE.COM.


mds_install [[-s source] [-d dbdest]] [-u]


NOTE: OpenVMS users can specify only the -u option (or no option). However, the other options are described here for completeness for users who are accustomed to seeing them on another platform.
-s source 

Specifies the MDS DLL source location (not used by OpenVMS).

-d dbdest 

Specifies the destination file specification for the MDS database to be created. This parameter is currently hardcoded on OpenVMS, and should not be changed.


Specifies that the operation is an uninstall of MDS, rather than an install. This parameter cannot be used with the -s and -d parameters.


The following command creates an empty CDSA MDS database. (If it is run against an already existing database, it does nothing.)