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Content starts here HP OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1 for Integrity Servers New Features and Release Notes

HP OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1
for Integrity Servers
New Features and Release Notes

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Contents (summary)
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1 New Features
Chapter 3 OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1 Release Notes
Chapter 4 MSA Utility
Chapter 5 Product Directories


Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     Overview of OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1 for Integrity Servers
     1.2     HP Software Technical Support Policy
     1.3     General Application Compatibility Statement
     1.4     Obtaining Patch Kits
     1.5     Networking Options
     1.6     System Event Log on Integrity Servers
     1.7     Firmware for Integrity Servers
     1.8     Release Notes on Booting the System
         1.8.1         Booting from the Installation DVD
         1.8.2         Setting Up I64 Systems to Reboot
         1.8.3         Booting with a Common Cluster System Disk
         1.8.4         Booting from a Fibre Channel Storage Device
         1.8.5         OpenVMS I64 Boot Manager Utility: Adding Multipath Fibre Channel Disk Devices
         1.8.6         Fibre Channel Boot Disk: Simplified Setup Process
     1.9     HP DECwindows Motif
         1.9.1         Connect Peripheral Devices Prior to Server Startup
         1.9.2         Countdown Messages Displayed During Startup
         1.9.3         Optional Graphics
         1.9.4         Keyboard Support
         1.9.5         Firmware Update and Keyboards
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1 New Features
     2.1     ISV Applications and Binary Compatibility in HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1
     2.2     New Item Code DVI$_ADAPTER_IDENT
     2.3     New item code DVI$_MOUNTCNT_CLUSTER
     2.4     HP Smart Array P800 Controller (AD335A) Support
     2.5     HP 4Gb Fibre Channel Adapters (AD299A/AD355A) Support
     2.6     HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448c Tape Blade
     2.7     Storage and Network I/O Controllers supported after the Initial OpenVMS V8.3 Release
     2.8     Graphics Console Support for Selected HP Integrity Server Platforms
         2.8.1         Graphics Console Support Platforms
         2.8.2         Supported PCI Graphics Option Cards
         2.8.3         Graphics Console Limitations
         2.8.4         Minimum Firmware Required for Graphics Console Support
                Obtaining Firmware Information from the EFI Shell
                Obtaining Firmware Information from the MP Prompt
                Obtaining Firmware Information from the cli Prompt
                Obtaining Firmware Information from the EFI Boot Manager
         2.8.5         Platform-Specific Connection Details
                HP Integrity rx1600 and rx1620 Servers
                HP Integrity rx2620 and rx4640 Servers
                HP Integrity rx3600 and HP Integrity rx6600 Servers
                HP Integrity rx2660 Servers
                HP Integrity BL860c Server Blade
     2.9     OpenVMS Internationalization Data Kit (VMSI18N)
     2.10     LDAP External Authentication
         2.10.1         Enhanced LOGINOUT.EXE and SETP0.EXE Images for LDAP External Authentication
         2.10.2         Active Directory Support
     2.11     Linker New Features
         2.11.1         Support for Larger I/O Segments
         2.11.2         Optimizing Linker Generated Code
         2.11.3         Signature Segment Flagged in Map File
         2.11.4         Unwind Segments Follow Code Segments
     2.12     Debugger Utility Enhancements
         2.12.1         /ALL Qualifier for the SHOW IMAGE Command
     2.13     System Dump Analyzer (SDA) Utility
         2.13.1         Changes to CLUE Utility
         2.13.2         CLUE Utility: New Qualifier
         2.13.3         SHOW_PFN_DATA Command: New Qualifier
         2.13.4         SHOW SUMMARYCommand: New Qualifier
         2.13.5         SET AND SHOW CPU Commands
     2.14     Time Zones Added
Chapter 3
3 OpenVMS Version 8.3--1H1 Release Notes
     3.1     OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 System Parameters
         3.1.1         Obsolete Parameters
         3.1.2         Renamed Parameters
         3.1.3         New Parameter
         3.1.4         Failure of AUDIT_SERVER to Initiate During Boot
     3.2     C Run-Time Library
         3.2.1         Ctrl/P Does Not Always Work
     3.3     Encryption Issues and Resolutions
         3.3.1         PARSE=EXTENDED
         3.3.2         Large File Encryption
         3.3.3         Input/Output File Performance
         3.3.4         ENCYPT/COMPRESS Issue
     3.4     Documentation Corrections
     3.5     GiCAP Functionality Not Currently Available
     3.6     Iconv Fixes
     3.7     No-IOLOCK8 Fibre Channel Port Drivers
     3.8     Linker Utility for OpenVMS I64
         3.8.1         Linker Writes Incorrect Interimage Debug Fixups into Debug Symbol File
         3.8.2         /SELECTIVE_SEARCH Qualifier Might Incorrectly Ignore Transfer Address
         3.8.3         Maximum Number of Sections
         3.8.4         Incorrect Creation Date of Shareable Images in the Map File
         3.8.5         Demangler Information Look Up Results in Linker Access Violation
         3.8.6         Incorrect Secondary Messages for the NOGLOSYM Error Message
         3.8.7         Incorrect Information for Undefined Symbols
         3.8.8         Incorrect UNMAPFIL Error
         3.8.9         Max Ident Length Change for Shareable Images in Map
         3.8.10         Linkage Type Check for Shareable Images
         3.8.11         Program Section Attribute ABS Ignored
         3.8.12         Linker ACCVIOs when FP_MODE Literal Missing From Command Line
     3.9     Debugger Utility for OpenVMS V8.3-1H1
         3.9.1         Routine Names in Debugger Expressions Differ on I64 and Alpha Systems
         3.9.2         Setting Modules with Mixed-Case Module Names in C and C++
         3.9.3         Corrected Debugger Problems
         3.9.4         Language Conditions Fixed in this Release
     3.10     Analyze Utility for OpenVMS
         3.10.1         Unwind Data Display Problem Corrected
         3.10.2         Formatted Symbol Vector Correctly Shown in Data Segement
         3.10.3         Transfer Array Now Formatted in Data Segment
         3.10.4         System Version Array Now Formatted in Dynamic Segment
         3.10.5         Enhancements for the /SEGMENT Qualifier
         3.10.6         Support for Section Escaping Added
     3.11     INSTALL Utility for OpenVMS (Installing Resident Images in S2 Space)
     3.12     Librarian Utility
         3.12.1         Support for Section Escaping
     3.13     InfoServer Utility and FDDI
     3.14     New Qualifier for DCL Command SET PASSWORD
     3.15     INITIALIZE/ERASE=INIT Before Using Media
     3.16     XML-C Product Zip File
     3.17     Using the OpenVMS e-Business and Integration Infrastructure Package
     3.18     Performance Data Collector for OpenVMS (TDC)
     3.19     C++ Compiler
     3.20     Building DCE IDL C++ Applications
     3.21     CDSA Errors During Installation
     3.22     Update to FREEWARE README.TXT File
     3.23     Process/Application Hangs
     3.24     Provisioning
         3.24.1         BL860c System Must Be Powered ON
         3.24.2         InfoServer Name Length
         3.24.3         Provisioning Multiple Servers
         3.24.4         Provisioning from HP SIM Central Management Server
         3.24.5         OpenVMS InfoServer and the Server Blade on the Same Local Area Network
         3.24.6         EFI Firmware
         3.24.7         Management Processor
     3.25     SYS$LDDRIVER Restriction
     3.26     RMS $PARSE Validation of Directory Files
     3.27     SCACP Error Counter Can Report Retransmit Errors
     3.28     Serial Port Enumeration
     3.29     Old Firmware Cannot Translate Messages Written to the System Event Log
     3.30     AST Delivery Clarification in Programs using POSIX Threads
     3.31     TZ Function in the CRTL
     3.32     HP TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
     3.33     Virtual Connect
         3.33.1         Failover and RECNXINTERVAL
         3.33.2         Fibre SCSI
     3.34     Sysgen Parameter CPU_POWER_MGMT Default Has Changed
     3.35     Booting A Satellite System with Reserved Memory

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