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I-O-CONTROL paragraph #1
I-O-CONTROL paragraph #2
I/O device
    accessing at run time
I/O errors
I/O exception conditions handling
I/O handling
    AT END condition
    INVALID KEY condition
    using Declarative USE procedures
    using file status values
    using RMS completion codes
I/O operations
    differences with RMS special registers #1
    differences with RMS special registers #2
I/O statements
    and Screen Section video forms
    and video forms
I/O system
    building a COBOL file specification
Image activation optimization
-include flag
Index data item
    modifying with SET
    where defined
Index name
    subscript value
        compiler implementation specifications
Indexed file
    access modes
    alternate key
    and ISAM mapping
    AT END condition
    creating and populating
    design considerations
    I/O statements
    INVALID KEY condition
    invalid key condition
    number of key data items
        compiler implementation specifications
    open modes
    optional key
    organization (fig.)
    primary key
            with READ PRIOR
    reading from other language
    See also Optimization
    SELECT statements
    specifying file organization and access mode
        random access mode
        sequential access mode
    updating records
    valid I/O statements (tab.)
    efficiency order
Indexing compared with subscripting
INITIAL clause
    use of
INSPECT statement
    common errors
    how the INSPECT statement inspects data
    implicit redefinition
        values resulting from (tab.)
    relationship among INSPECT argument, delimiter, item value, and argument active position (tab.)
    REPLACING option
    REPLACING phrase
        interference in the replacement argument list
        replacement argument
        replacement argument (fig.)
        replacement argument list
        replacement value
        sample (fig.)
        search argument
    sample (fig.)
    TALLYING option
    TALLYING phrase
        argument list
        interference in the tally arguemnt list
        leading delimiter of operation (tab.)
        scan with separate tallies
            results of (tab.)
Inspecting data
    active/inactive arguments
    finding a match
    implicit redefinition
    INSPECT operation
    interference in tally argument list
    scanner setting
    tally argument
    tally counter
    TALLYING phrase
    in replacement argument list
    in tally argument list
Intermediate data items
Intermediate result item
Interprogram communication
    accessing another program's Data Division
    accessing another program's Data Division_>Linkage Section
    accessing another program's Data Division_>USING phrase
    additional information on
    argument list
    CALL statement
        passing arguments
    calling COBOL programs
    calling non-COBOL programs
    calling non-COBOL programs
    calling routines
        defining the argument
        determining the type of call
        locating the result
        making the call
    calling system service routines #1
    calling system service routines #2
        checking condition values
        EXTERNAL phrase
        in a procedure call
        library return status
        VALUE IS clause
    calling system service routines condition value symbols
    common language environment
        using COBOL in
    contained programs
        COMMON clause
        GLOBAL clause
        sharing data
        sharing files
        sharing other resources
        USE procedures
    function value
    multiple run unit concepts
        calling procedures
    multiple run unit examples
    OpenVMS Alpha Calling Standard
    OpenVMS Run-Time Library routines
    OpenVMS System Services routines
    program attributes
        EXTERNAL clause
        INITIAL clause
    register and stack usage
    restrictions on
    See also Calling routines
    shareable images
    supplementary information on
    transferring execution control
        CALL statement
    transferring flow of control
        CALL statement
        EXIT PROGRAM statement
Invalid key condition
    planning for
    use of

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