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FD record length
    compiler implementation specifications
-feedback file flag
    ACCEPT and DISPLAY statements
    ACCEPT statement
    backing up
        recommended intervals
    changing output file names (cobol)
        with lock
    created by cobol
    data type differences
    defining a disk
    defining a disk file
    defining a magnetic tape file
    defining a magnetic tape file (on Tru64 UNIX)
    description entry
    design considerations
    device independence
        using logical names
    disk, defining a #1
    disk, defining a #2
    DISPLAY statement #1
    DISPLAY statement #2
    fixed-length records
    input to cobol
    logical names
    low-volume I/O
        logical names
    magnetic tape, defining a #1
    magnetic tape, defining a #2
    magnetic tape, defining a (on Tru64 UNIX)
    mnemonic names
    multiple openings in same program
    object files created by cobol
    processing #1
    processing #2
    record access mode, specifying
    record management
    retaining object files cobol
    See also Access mode and Record
        See File sharing
    SPECIAL-NAMES paragraph
    specifying file organization
    specifying record mode access
    temporary cobol
    variable-length records
    variable with fixed control records
File characteristics
    specifying additional
file command
File connector
    compiler implementation specifications
    SELECT statement
File description #1
File description #2
File description #3
File description #4
    indexed files
    SELECT statement
File handling
    Line sequential
File I/O status, checking
    Declarative USE procedure
    INVALID KEY condition
File name suffix
    and source form
    for modules
File organization
    advantages and disadvantages (tab.)
    comparing and contrasting
    indexed files, specifying for
    line sequential
    line sequential files, specifying for
    relative files, specifying for
    sequential files, specifying for
    using SELECT statement
File protection, using
File sharing #1
File sharing #2
File sharing #3
    checking file operations
    describing types of access streams
    determining the access mode
    HP standard
    indicating the access allowed to other streams
    See also Protecting records and Record locking
    specifying OPEN EXTEND
        with a shared indexed file
        with a shared relative file
        with a shared sequential file
    summarizing related file-sharing criteria
    using file status values
    using RMS special registers
    X/Open standard
File specification
    creating a "comma list"
    creating a "plus list"
    how the I/O system builds a COBOL
    keeping as a variable
    overriding at run-time
File status values
    for HP COBOL
    for RMS
    HP COBOL support for
    RMS-STS values
Fixed-length records
        with multiple record descriptions
    determining size
        with multiple record descriptions
    in compiler listing files
-flagger [option] flag
    -align padding
    -align [padding]
    -c #1
    -c #2
    -check all
    -check [no]bounds
    -check [no]decimal #1
    -check [no]decimal #2
    -check [no]perform
    -check none
    compiler command line
    -conditionals [selector]
    -convert [no]leading_blanks
    -cross_reference alphabetical
    -cross_reference declared
    -D num
    -feedback file
    -fips 74
    -flagger [option]
    -g2 or -g
    -g3 #1
    -g3 #2
    -granularity byte
    -granularity long
    -granularity quad
    -map alphabetical
    -map declared
    -math_intermediate cit4
    -names as_is #1
    -names as_is #2
    -names lower or -names lowercase flag
    -names lowercase
    -names upper or -names uppercase flag
    -names uppercase
    -o output
    -O4 or -O
    -p1 or -p
    -relax_key_checking or -rkc
    -rsv foreign_extensions
    -rsv [no]200x
    -rsv xopen
    -show code
    -show copy
    -show xref
    -std 85
    -std [no]mia
    -std [no]syntax
    -std [no]xopen
    -std v3
    -T num
    -tps #1
    -tps #2
    -tps #3
    -warn all
    -warn [no]information
    -warn [no]other
    -warn none
    with no HP COBOL for OpenVMS VAX equivalent qualifiers
    -xref #1
    -xref #2
    -xref_stdout #1
    -xref_stdout #2
/FLOAT qualifier
    HP COBOL support for
Floating-point data types
Footing area
Foreign extensions, detecting
Foreign syntax
    recognized extensions
Form control bytes
    conversion of ANSI to terminal
    conversion of terminal to ANSI
    running the REFORMAT utility
    See Video forms
Fortran, calling from HP COBOL #1
Fortran, calling from HP COBOL #2
Function calls
    for system routines
Function value returned

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