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Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


Figure 1-1, "Application Help menur"

Figure 1-2, "General help and quick help window"

Figure 1-3, "Formats for graphic and text hyperlinks"

Figure 1-4, "Topic tree in a general help dialog box"

Figure 1-5, "Index search dialog box"

Figure 1-6, "Index entry prefix notation"

Figure 1-7, "Print dialog box"

Figure 1-8, "Hierarchy of topics"

Figure 1-9, "Browser help volume"

Figure 2-1, "Help volume topic organization"

Figure 2-2, "File Manager view of help files"

Figure 3-1, "Note, warning, and caution help icons"

Figure 4-1, "Browser help volume displaying help families"

Figure 4-2, "Help print dialog box"

Figure 9-1, "General help dialog"

Figure 9-2, "Quick help dialog with four standard buttons"

Figure 13-1, "Application installation package"

Figure 13-2, "Relationship of build directories and installation package"

Figure 14-1, "Sample formatting table"