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OpenVMS Version 7.3 Release Notes

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 OpenVMS Software Installation Release Notes
Chapter 3 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
Chapter 4 General User Release Notes
Chapter 5 System Management Release Notes
Chapter 6 Programming Release Notes
Chapter 7 Device Support on OpenVMS Systems
Chapter 8 Interlocked Memory Instructions (Alpha Only)
Appendix A Product Retirement Notices
Appendix B Hardware Release Notes


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Introduction
     1.1     OpenVMS Releases
         1.1.1         OpenVMS Major Release
         1.1.2         OpenVMS New Feature Release
         1.1.3         OpenVMS Minor Release
         1.1.4         OpenVMS Limited Hardware Release
     1.2     Upgrade Paths
     1.3     Upgrade and Installation Documentation Correction
     1.4     Compaq's Support Policy
Chapter 2
2 OpenVMS Software Installation Release Notes
     2.1     Installation and Upgrade Information Common to Alpha and VAX
         2.1.1         Compatibility Kits Required in Some OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         2.1.2         Networking Options
         2.1.3         Upgrading Systems Running PATHWORKS Version 6.0 or Advanced Server V7.2 for OpenVMS
         2.1.4         Upgrading Systems Running PATHWORKS V6.0 Advanced Servers Prior to V6.0D
         2.1.5         Upgrading Advanced Server for OpenVMS V7.2 or V7.2A
         2.1.6         DECevent Version 3.1 or Later Required to Analyze Errors
         2.1.7         PCSI-I-RETAIN Messages During DECnet-Plus Installation
         2.1.8         Installing DECwindows with Some Layered Products May Cause Insufficient Global Sections
         2.1.9         Daylight Savings Time Error Message When Booting with Minimum Startup
     2.2     Installation and Upgrade Information Specific to Alpha
         2.2.1         Upgrading to OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3 from V7.2-1 or V7.2-1H1
         2.2.2         Registry Considerations When Upgrading From OpenVMS V7.2-1 to OpenVMS V7.3
         2.2.3         CONFIGURE Process Replaced by QIO$CONFIGURE Process
         2.2.4         Javatm 2 SDK v 1.2.2-1 Is Incompatible with OpenVMS Version 7.3
         2.2.5         Error When Upgrading Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
         2.2.6         Rolling Upgrades for MEMORY CHANNEL Configurations
         2.2.7         Using the Extended File Cache (XFC) in Mixed Version OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         2.2.8         X.25 Version 1.2 and Earlier Not Supported
     2.3     Installation and Upgrade Information Specific to VAX
         2.3.1         Magnetic Tape Media for OpenVMS VAX to Be Retired
         2.3.2         Error at Shutdown After Booting CD-ROM for Full Environment Installation
Chapter 3
3 OpenVMS Associated Products Release Notes
     3.1     Layered Product Support
     3.2     Compaq Advanced Server Version 7.3 for OpenVMS (Alpha Only)
     3.3     PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Alpha and VAX)
         3.3.1         PATHWORKS for OpenVMS Support
         3.3.2         PATHWORKS Version 5.0 for OpenVMS (LAN Manager) Not Supported
     3.4     C and C++
         3.4.1         Changes to Compaq C RTL Time Zone Rules
         3.4.2         STARLET Header Files Now Ship with OpenVMS VAX
         3.4.3         Pre-Version 5.2 Kits May Delete SYS$STARLET_C.TLB (VAX Only)
         3.4.4         Compaq C++ Version 5.3 Installation Fails (VAX Only)
     3.5     COBOL (Alpha Only)---RMS Special Registers and RMS$_FNM Compared to RMS$CRE
     3.6     DECdfs
         3.6.1         Version 2.3-1 Required for OpenVMS Alpha and VAX
         3.6.2         Version 2.3-1 Recommended for Systems Running Compaq DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
     3.7     DECram Version Support
     3.8     Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) API
         3.8.1         The Routine ldap_get_option Returns Error -1 When ld Is NULL
         3.8.2         The Routine ber_flatten() Does Not Detect Mismatched Braces
     3.9     DECwindows Motif
         3.9.1         System Parameter Values Required for Installation
         3.9.2         Language Variants Not Available in Some Versions
     3.10     MultiNet® Version 4.3
     3.11     Installing Compaq Open3D on OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3
     3.12     Pascal (Alpha Only)---Installing Compaq Pascal Version 5.5 After an Upgrade
     3.13     DEC PL/I---RTL Support for OpenVMS
     3.14     Compaq Reliable Transaction Router (RTR) License
     3.15     Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
         3.15.1         Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 5.1 New Features
         3.15.2         DIGITAL TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS Version 4.2 (UCX) Not Supported
Chapter 4
4 General User Release Notes
     4.1     AlphaServer GS Series Systems
         4.1.1         AlphaServer GS Series Systems Supported in OpenVMS Version 7.3
         4.1.2         OpenVMS Galaxy License Enforcement
         4.1.3         V5.9B Console Firmware Required for OpenVMS on AlphaServer GS80/160/320 Systems
         4.1.4         Device Restriction on AlphaServer GS80/160/320 Systems
         4.1.5         Booting an AlphaServer GS140
     4.2     Booting OpenVMS Version 7.3 on a Personal Workstation with IDE Controllers
     4.3     COM for OpenVMS (Alpha Only) Not Supported in a Mixed-Version Cluster
     4.4     Online Help New and Changed Topics
     4.5     OpenVMS Alpha Firmware for OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3
     4.6     OpenVMS Freeware CD-ROMs
Chapter 5
5 System Management Release Notes
     5.1     ECP Data Collector and ECP Performance Analyzer V5.4 Available with V7.3
     5.2     Extended File Specifications
     5.3     External Authentication
         5.3.1         FTP Server Uses External Authentication
         5.3.2         DCL Command Interface to Control External Authentication
         5.3.3         Failed Connection Attempts on POP Server
         5.3.4         SET PASSWORD Behavior Within a DECterm Terminal Session
         5.3.5         Compaq DECnet-Plus Requirement
         5.3.6         DECwindows Pause Screen Uses SYSUAF Password
         5.3.7         DECnet-Plus and NET_CALLOUTS Parameter
         5.3.8         Impact on Layered Products and Applications
         5.3.9         Mixed-Version OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         5.3.10         LGI Callout Services Disable External Authentication
         5.3.11         No Password Expiration Notification on Workstations
     5.4     FDL Utility---Fixing EDIT/FDL Recommended Bucket Size When Disk Cluster Size Is Large
     5.5     OpenVMS Galaxy Version 7.3
         5.5.1         Using Fibre Channel in OpenVMS Galaxy Configurations
         5.5.2         CPU Migration Restriction
         5.5.3         Compatibility of Galaxy Computing Environment and Non-Galaxy Cluster Members
         5.5.4         AlphaServer GS60/GS60E/GS140 Multiple I/O Port Module Configuration Restriction
         5.5.5         MOP Booting Restrictions
         5.5.6         Restriction on KFMSB and CIXCD Adapters in Galaxy Configurations
     5.6     LAN ATM (Alpha Only)
         5.6.1         Requirements/Restrictions Using DAPBA/DAPCA Adapters for LAN Emulation over ATM (Alpha Only)
     5.7     Lock Manager
         5.7.1         Lock Manager System Parameter Renamed (Alpha Only)
         5.7.2         Instituting the Dedicated CPU Lock Manager Functionality (Alpha Only)
         5.7.3         Fast Lock Remastering and PE1 (Alpha Only)
         5.7.4         Lock Manager and Nonpaged Pool (Alpha Only)
     5.8     OPCOM
         5.8.1         OPCOM Messages Changed (Alpha Only)
         5.8.2         Handling of Invalid Operator Classes
         5.8.3         Handling OPC$ALLOW_INBOUND and OPC$ALLOW_OUTBOUND
         5.8.4         Workstations in OpenVMS Clusters
     5.9     OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         5.9.1         New Error Message About Packet Loss
         5.9.2         Class Scheduler in a Mixed Version Cluster
         5.9.3         Remedial Kits Required for Extended File Cache (XFC) Used in Mixed Version OpenVMS Cluster Systems
         5.9.4         Fibre Channel Remedial Kits Support for SANWorks DRM
         5.9.5         Remedial Kits Needed for Cluster Compatibility
         5.9.6         OpenVMS Version 7.2-1 Installation Restrictions for Fibre Channel
         5.9.7         Devices Not Configured if HSG Host Connection Table Is Full
         5.9.8         KGPSA NVRAM Error with Console V5.6 and Later
         5.9.9         Selective Autoconfiguration Not Supported in Some Fibre Channel and SCSI Configurations
         5.9.10         SHOW Command Displays Wrong Device Type for Fibre Channel Devices (VAX Only)
         5.9.11         MEMORY CHANNEL Rolling Upgrade Restriction (Alpha Only)
         5.9.12         Boot Support for Multipath Devices with an HSZ Allocation Class
         5.9.13         Failover Between Local Paths and MSCP Served Paths
         5.9.14         Multipath SCSI and Fibre Channel Shadow Sets: Adjustments to System Parameters
         5.9.15         Multipath Devices: Volume Rebuilds During Mount Operation
         5.9.16         Multipath Device Dismount Problem with Volume Shadowing
         5.9.17         Multipath Failover Fails Infrequently on HSZ70/HSZ80 Controllers
         5.9.18         SCSI Multipath Incompatibility with Some Third-Party Products
         5.9.19         Gigabit Ethernet Switch Restriction in an OpenVMS Cluster System
         5.9.20         DQDRIVER Namespace Collision Workaround
         5.9.21         Shadowing Restriction on Fibre Channel Multiple-Switch Fabrics Removed
         5.9.22         Fibre Channel Installation May Require Additional NPAGEVIR
         5.9.23         Fibre Channel Adapters Off Line After a System Boot
         5.9.24         SHOW DEVICE Might Fail in Large Fibre Channel Configurations
         5.9.25         Boot Failure with the KGPSA Loopback Connector Installed
         5.9.26         Fibre Channel Path Name Syntax Permits Quotation Marks
         5.9.27         Reconfigured Fibre Channel Disks Do Not Come On Line
         5.9.28         Device Identifier Requirement for the HSG80 CCL
         5.9.29         Undesired Automatic Path Switches
     5.10     OpenVMS Registry
         5.10.1         Registry Services in a Mixed OpenVMS V7.3/V7.2-1 Cluster
         5.10.2         Backup and Restore of the OpenVMS NT Registry Database
     5.11     Performance---Comparing Application Performance Data
     5.12     Point-to-Point Utility Documentation
     5.13     Queue Manager---Long Boot Times
     5.14     RMS Journaling
         5.14.1         Modified Journal File Creation
         5.14.2         Recovery Unit Journaling Incompatible with Kernel Threads (Alpha Only)
         5.14.3         After-Image (AI) Journaling
         5.14.4         Remote Access of Recovery Unit Journaled Files in an OSI Environment
         5.14.5         VFC Format Sequential Files
     5.15     Security---DIRECTORY Command Now Summarizes Suppressed PATHWORKS ACEs
     5.16     System Parameters
         5.16.1         MAXBOBMEM System Parameter Not Obsolete
         5.16.2         VCC_MAXSIZE System Parameter Definition Corrected
         5.16.3         NISCS_MAX_PKTSZ System Parameter Definition Corrected
         5.16.4         Parameter Description Changes
         5.16.5         Obsolete System Parameters
     5.17     Terminal Fallback Facility (TFF) (Alpha Only)
     5.18     Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS
         5.18.1         Minicopy Version Required on All Nodes
         5.18.2         Multipath HSG/HSZ Disk Partitions and Volume Shadowing Restriction
         5.18.3         Dismount of Client Using /MINICOPY; First Dismount Might Fail
         5.18.4         SHADOW_MAX_UNIT Settings
         5.18.5         SHADOW_MAX_COPY VAX Setting for Using Minicopy in Mixed-Architecture Cluster
         5.18.6         HSD10 Virtual Disks

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