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Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
Tuning and Troubleshooting

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Contents (summary)
Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools
Chapter 2 Tuning Techniques
Appendix A Troubleshooting Tools Reference
Appendix B Commonly Used UNIX Commands


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Troubleshooting Techniques and Tools
     1.1     Using Symptoms to Identify a Problem
     1.2     Isolating Problems
         1.2.1         Testing Connectivity Between Network Hosts
                Using ping on a Multihomed Host
         1.2.2         Checking the Network Interface Parameters
         1.2.3         Displaying and Modifying the Internet-to-Ethernet Translation Tables
         1.2.4         Examining Network Statistics
         1.2.5         Monitoring Network Traffic
         1.2.6         Checking Name Server Operation
         1.2.7         Checking the Route to a Remote Host
         1.2.8         Checking the Routes Known to a Gateway
         1.2.9         Determine Whether Network Services Are Available
                Displaying the Service Database
                Displaying Service Attributes
                Verifying Process Privileges
                Verifying Account Privileges
                Looking for OPCOM Messages
Chapter 2
2 Tuning Techniques
     2.1     Kernel Subsystems
         2.1.1         Displaying Subsystems and Attributes
         2.1.2         Testing Attribute Support
         2.1.3         Displaying Attribute Values
         2.1.4         Modifying Attribute Values
         2.1.5         Modifying Attributes Temporarily
     2.2     Modifying Kernel Subsystems
         2.2.1         Modifying Socket Subsystem Attributes
                Increasing the Maximum Number of Pending TCP Connections
                Increasing the Minimum Number of Pending TCP Connections
                Increasing the Maximum Size of a Socket Buffer
         2.2.2         Modifying Internet Subsystem Attributes
                Increasing the Size of a TCP Hash Table
                Increasing the Number of TCP Hash Tables
                Increasing the Size of the Kernel Interface Alias Table
                Increasing the TCP Partial Connection Timeout Rate
                Slowing TCP Retransmission Rate
                Enabling the TCP Keepalive Function
                Increasing the Timeout Rate for TCP Connection Context
                Modifying the Range of Outgoing Connection Ports
                Disabling Use of the PMTU Protocol
     2.3     Monitoring Servers
         2.3.1         Displaying Network Statistics
         2.3.2         Displaying Socket Statistics
     2.4     Tuning Server Applications
         2.4.1         Configuring Memory for High Performance
         2.4.2         Logging IP Addresses
     2.5     Increasing the Auxiliary Server Connection Limit
     2.6     Solving Performance Problems
         2.6.1         Tuning Recommendations for a Primary Server
Appendix A
Appendix A Troubleshooting Tools Reference
    Command 1     arp
    Command 2     dig
    Command 3     ifconfig
    Command 4     ndc
    Command 5     netstat
    Command 6     nslookup
    Command 7     ping
    Command 8     route
    Command 9     sysconfig
    Command 10     TCPTRACE
    Command 11     traceroute
Appendix B
Appendix B Commonly Used UNIX Commands
1 TCP/IP Services Documentation
1-1 Diagnostic Tools
2-1 Network Tuning Guidelines
2-2 socket Subsystem Attributes
2-3 inet Subsystem Attributes
2-4 TCP Keepalive Options
A-1 dig Options
A-2 Options to the nslookup set Command
B-1 Commonly Used Commands

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