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OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3
Upgrade and Installation Manual

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Tailored system disks
    See DECW$TAILOR utility; VMSTAILOR utility
    on small system disks
Tape cartridge
    containing save sets
    containing standalone BACKUP
Tape drives
    preparing for an installation
    selecting for an installation
Target disk
    using backup copy for
Target drives
TCP/IP software
    See Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
    format for entering
Time zones
    updating during an installation
    updating during an upgrade
Transferring save sets to the system disk
UAF (user authorization file)
    effect of rolling upgrades on #1
    effect of rolling upgrades on #2
    purged during an upgrade
    replacing after an upgrade
    required location
UETP (User Environment Test Package)
    disk space needed to run #1
    disk space needed to run #2
    when to run #1
    when to run #2
    running after an upgrade
Upgrade and installation supplements
    using #1
    using #2
Upgrade procedure
    automatic update of console media
    booting from console media #1
    booting from console media #2
    booting from [SYSF]
    booting manually during
    building [SYSF] directory
    cautions and restrictions
    choosing optional OpenVMS components
    concurrent upgrades
    console media required
    conversion of VAXVMSSYS.PAR
    correcting directory pointers
    deletion of [SYSF] directory tree
    disk space needed for page files
    disk space requirement
    effect on accounting logs
    effect on command procedures
    effect on layered products
    effect on MODPARAMS.DAT
    effect on operator logs
    enabling automatic restart
    enabling manual reboot
    error entering device name
    files deleted by #1
    files deleted by #2
    files deleted by #3
    files purged during
    interrupting before Phase 1
    loading OpenVMS VAX distribution media
    manual reboot after
    manual reboot from [SYS0]
    merging directory trees
    modifying console media
    modifying console media to boot from [SYSF]
    modifying passwords
    OpenVMS version requirement
    Phase 1
    Phase 2
    Phase 3
    Phase 4
    Phase 5 #1
    Phase 5 #2
    Phase 6
    preparation for
    processing user files
    recording logs
    required location of save sets
    required location of the system disk
    requirement for shared dump files
    restoring original dddGEN
    restoring original DEFBOO
    rolling upgrades
        adding a new computer
    running AUTOGEN
    See also Concurrent upgrades and Rolling upgrades
    selecting optional components
    shared dump files
    system files renamed by
    time zones
    using a printer to record output
    VMSINSTAL option G warning
    when to use #1
    when to use #2
User authorization file
    See UAF
User Environment Test Package
    See UETP
User files
    processed during an upgrade
VAX computers
    booting from [SYSF]
VAXft computers
    booting from [SYSF]
VAXstation computers
    booting from [SYS0]
    booting from [SYSF] #1
    booting from [SYSF] #2
VAXVMSSYS.PAR parameter files
    copying to console media
    required location
VMSINSTAL command procedure
    invoking for upgrade
    option G warning
    using on a small system disk
    using to install optional components #1
    using to install optional components #2
    using to install optional components #3
    using to remove files from a system disk #1
    using to remove files from a system disk #2
    using to remove files from a system disk #3
Volume label
    specifying during an installation
Volume Shadowing
    license registration during an installation
    registering license after an installation
    requirements for an upgrade
VOTES parameter
    checking votes for rolling upgrades
    setting for concurrent upgrades
    upgrade requirement
Warranted support
X terminals
    DECwindows support components for #1
    DECwindows support components for #2