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OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3
Upgrade and Installation Manual

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Page files
    checking size #1
    checking size #2
    controlling size of
    modifying size #1
    modifying size #2
    purged during an upgrade
    recommended location
    size required for an upgrade
PAK (Product Authorization Key)
    registering after an installation
    registering during installation
    for system accounts
        setting during installation
    forgotten #1
    forgotten #2
    minimum length
    modifying during upgrade procedure
    restoring dictionary after an upgrade
    screening for acceptibility
Postinstallation tasks
    adjusting system parameters
    backing up the system disk #1
    backing up the system disk #2
    configuring DECnet
    creating standalone BACKUP
    customizing DECwindows support software
    customizing the system
    decompressing system libraries
    editing startup procedures
    installing layered products
    registering licenses
    removing unwanted system files
    running UETP
    setting up user accounts
    tuning the system with AUTOGEN
Postupgrade tasks
    adding and removing files
    backing up console media
    backing up system disk
    changing MODPARAMS.DAT
    checking system file sizes
    creating standalone BACKUP
    customizing DECwindows support
    decompressing system libraries
    examining command procedure templates
    increasing space on the system disk
    installing layered products
    modifying size of dump file
    modifying size of page file
    modifying size of swap file
    purging system files
    replacing SYSUAF.DAT
    replacing VMS$AUDIT_SERVER.DAT
    running AUTOGEN
    running UETP
    tuning the system with AUTOGEN
    updating console media
    using VMSTAILOR
Preinstallation tasks
    collecting information
    determining HSx name
    preparing for OpenVMS Cluster environments
    preparing tape drives
    software and hardware components
Preupgrade tasks
    analyzing and repairing the system disk
    backing up console media
    backing up the system disk
    checking page file size
    configuring devices
    creating standalone BACKUP
    preparing DECnet for OpenVMS
    preparing the system disk
    preventing interactive logins
    running AUTOGEN
    setting system parameters
    stopping queues
PURGE command
Purging system files
Queue database
    creating after an upgrade
Queue manager
    restoring preferred node list
    requirements for an upgrade
    stopping batch/print
    stopping before an upgrade
    maintaining during rolling upgrades
Quorum disk
    checked during an upgrade
    minimum values
    after an installation
    after AUTOGEN
Removing unwanted system files
Required save set
    transferring to the system disk
    enabling automatic
    for installations
Restrictions for Version 7.3
Rights database
    creating during an installation
    creating during an installation
RMS Journaling for OpenVMS
    license registration during an installation
Rolling upgrades
    effect on SYSUAF.DAT #1
    effect on SYSUAF.DAT #2
    maintaining cluster quorum
    restrictions #1
    restrictions #2
    source drive requirement
    upgrade procedures
Save sets
    installing on an alternate disk
    location on magnetic tape
    required location #1
    required location #2
    tape cartridge containing
    transferring to the system disk
SCSNODE parameter
Selecting optional components
    before an upgrade
Site-specific command procedures
    restored during an upgrade #1
    restored during an upgrade #2
Software Product Descriptions (SPDs)
    See SPDs
Source drives
    requirement for cluster upgrade
SPDs (Software Product Descriptions)
    location on the distribution kit
STABACKIT.COM (procedure to create standalone BACKUP)
Standalone BACKUP
    booting from InfoServers
    booting from tape cartridges
    booting on VAX 9000 computers
    creating a kit
    creating after an upgrade
    creating before an upgrade
    locating on distribution kit
    upgrade requirements
    using alternative backup procedure
Startup files
    editing after an installation
STARTUP_P1 parameter
    setting to MIN
Swap files
    checking size
    controlling size of
    modifying size
    purged during an upgrade
    recommended location
    executing to change system file sizes
    to check or modify page file size
    to create swap file
SYCONFIG.COM procedure
    editing after an installation
    editing after an installation
SYLOGIN.COM procedure
    editing after an installation
[SYSF] directory
    booting from during an upgrade #1
    booting from during an upgrade #2
    booting from during an upgrade #3
    command to boot MicroVAX and VAXstation computers from
[SYSF] directory tree
    built by upgrade procedure
    deletion of
SYSGEN parameters
    See System parameters
SYSGEN utility
    ALLOCLASS parameter
    configuring devices
    using to connect console
    editing after an installation
    editing to control DECnet Phase IV for OpenVMS VAX
SYSTEM account
    forgotten passwords #1
    forgotten passwords #2
    setting passwords
System disks
    analyzing and repairing
    backing up
    backing up after an installation #1
    backing up after an installation #2
    backing up before an upgrade
    booting a backup copy
    booting after an installation
    booting after transferring required save set
    CLUSTER_SIZE parameter
    customizing with DECW$TAILOR #1
    customizing with DECW$TAILOR #2
    customizing with DECW$TAILOR #3
    customizing with VMSTAILOR #1
    customizing with VMSTAILOR #2
    customizing with VMSTAILOR #3
    dealing with limited space #1
    dealing with limited space #2
    disk space needed to run UETP #1
    disk space needed to run UETP #2
    free space needed for an upgrade
    preparing for an upgrade
    preparing for installations
    removing unwanted files from
    required location during an upgrade
    space requirements
    specifying volume label for
System files
System Generation utility
    See SYSGEN utility and System parameters
System hang
System libraries
    decompressing #1
    decompressing #2
    sizes after decompressing
System parameters
    generated by AUTOGEN feedback
    requirements for an upgrade #1
    requirements for an upgrade #2
    requirements for an upgrade #3
System password dictionary
    restoring after an upgrade
System shutdowns
    after an installation
System time #1
System time #2
SYSTEST account
    setting passwords
    disabling during an installation
    See UAF #1
    See UAF #2

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