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OpenVMS VAX Version 7.3
Upgrade and Installation Manual

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Chapter 8
8 After Upgrading the OpenVMS VAX Operating System
     8.1     Verifying System Time
     8.2     Restoring the Preferred Node List
     8.3     Replacing SYSUAF.DAT and VMS$AUDIT_SERVER.DAT
     8.4     Examining AGEN$PARAMS.REPORT
     8.5     Checking the Size of System Files
     8.6     Examining Your Command Procedures
     8.7     Changing MODPARAMS.DAT
     8.8     Updating Your Console Media
     8.9     VAX 8530, 8550, 8810 (8700), 8820-N (8800) Computers
         8.9.1         VAX 8200, 8250, 8300, 8350, 8600, 8650 Computers
         8.9.2         VAX 9000 Computers
     8.10     Decompressing the System Libraries
         8.10.1         How to Decompress Libraries
     8.11     Testing the System with UETP
     8.12     Increasing Free Space on the System Disk
         8.12.1         Running the ANALYZE /DISK_STRUCTURE Utility
         8.12.2         Using VMSTAILOR and DECW$TAILOR
         8.12.3         Purging System Files
     8.13     Restoring Your System Password Dictionary
     8.14     Customizing DECwindows Support Software
     8.15     Preparing to Use the OpenVMS Management Station
     8.16     Installing Layered Products
     8.17     Backing Up the System Disk
     8.18     Running AUTOGEN
     8.19     Postupgrade Checklist
Chapter 9
9 Customizing DECwindows Support Software
     9.1     Customizing the Server Startup
         9.1.1         Assumptions
         9.1.2         How to Override Incorrect Assumptions
     9.2     Using Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS
     9.3     Using Other Transports with DECwindows
         9.3.1         Writing a Transport Interface
         9.3.2         Installing the Transport Interface Image
     9.4     Using the Example Transport
Chapter 10
     10.1     Using VMSTAILOR
         10.1.1         How VMSTAILOR Works
         10.1.2         Removing OpenVMS VAX Files
         10.1.3         Adding OpenVMS VAX Files
         10.1.4         Sample Session
     10.2     Using DECW$TAILOR
         10.2.1         How DECW$TAILOR Works
         10.2.2         DECwindows Files You Can Tailor
         10.2.3         Removing DECwindows Files
         10.2.4         Adding DECwindows Files
         10.2.5         Sample Session
Appendix A
Appendix A Multiversion VAX Upgrade Process
     A.1     Determine Your Path
     A.2     Multiversion Upgrade Procedure
         A.2.1         Before You Begin the Upgrade
         A.2.2         Intermediate Upgrade
         A.2.3         Final Upgrade
     A.3     Specific Layered Product and Firmware Information
         A.3.1         Layered Products
Appendix B
Appendix B License Management Supplement
     B.1     Registering Your Licenses
         B.1.1         When to Register
         B.1.2         How to Register
     B.2     Using the License Unit Requirement Table (LURT)
     B.3     License Management Facility (LMF) Notes
     B.4     Volume Shadowing for OpenVMS License
         B.4.1         When to Register
         B.4.2         Volume Shadowing Software Phase I and Phase II
         B.4.3         Types of Licenses
     B.5     Other System Integrated Product Licenses
Appendix C
Appendix C Booting from [SYSF] During an Upgrade
     C.1     Booting Procedures
         C.1.1         MicroVAX and VAXstation Computers
         C.1.2         VAX 8530, 8550, 8810 (8700), 8820-N (8800) Computers
         C.1.3         VAX 8820, 8830, and 8840 Computers
         C.1.4         VAX 8200, 8250, 8300, and 8350 Computers
         C.1.5         VAX 8600 and 8650 Computers
         C.1.6         VAX 6000 Series
         C.1.7         VAX 9000 Series
Appendix D
Appendix D OpenVMS VAX Save Set Subclasses
     D.1     Save Set C Subclasses
     D.2     Save Set D Subclasses
     D.3     Save Set E Subclasses
     D.4     Save Set F Subclasses
Appendix E
Appendix E DECwindows Display Server and Fonts Components
     E.1     Table of Components
Appendix F
Appendix F NEW_OVER and NEW_UNDER Files
     F.1     Where Files Are Installed
         F.1.1         NEW_OVER Files
         F.1.2         NEW_UNDER Files
         F.1.3         Site-Specific Files
Appendix G
Appendix G Preparing to Use OpenVMS Management Station
     G.1     Preparing Your OpenVMS System
         G.1.1         Setting Up in a Mixed-Architecture Cluster Environment
         G.1.2         Start the Server on Other Nodes
         G.1.3         Error Log Information
         G.1.4         Update the Printer and Storage Database
         G.1.5         Edit the System Files
         G.1.6         Allow OpenVMS Management Station to Control the Printer and Storage Environment
         G.1.7         Keeping Your Printer Environment Up to Date
             G.1.7.1             When is the Database Updated?
             G.1.7.2             Do You Need to Run TNT$UTILITY.COM Manually?
             G.1.7.3             Are There Any Requirements for Running TNT$UTILITY.COM?
         G.1.8         Keeping Your Storage Environment Up to Date
         G.1.9         Enabling Disk Quotas
         G.1.10         Caching Storage Configuration Data
         G.1.11         Running Third-Party TCP/IP Stacks
         G.1.12         Determining and Reporting Problems
         G.1.13         Removing the OpenVMS Management Station Server
     G.2     Preparing Your PC
         G.2.1         Required Memory and Disk Space
         G.2.2         Distribution Files
         G.2.3         Required Software
         G.2.4         Time Required for Installation
         G.2.5         Copy the Client File to the PC
         G.2.6         Installation Directory
         G.2.7         Installation Procedure
         G.2.8         Recovering from Errors
     G.3     After Installing the Client Software on Your PC
     G.4     Defining TCP/IP Nodes
     G.5     Uninstalling Version 2.1 of the OpenVMS Management Station Client
     G.6     Uninstalling OpenVMS Management Station
     G.7     Getting Started with OpenVMS Management Station

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