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OpenVMS Alpha Version 7.3
Upgrade and Installation Manual

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Appendix B
Appendix B Backing Up and Restoring the System Disk
     B.1     Reasons for Backing Up the System Disk
     B.2     Suggested Procedures
     B.3     OpenVMS Cluster Caution
     B.4     Backing Up the System Disk
         B.4.1         Getting Started
         B.4.2         Mounting Devices
         B.4.3         Entering the BACKUP Command
         B.4.4         Changing the CLUSTER_SIZE Parameter
         B.4.5         Logout, Shutdown, and Reboot
     B.5     Restoring the System Disk
         B.5.1         Getting Started
         B.5.2         Mounting Devices
         B.5.3         Entering the BACKUP Command
         B.5.4         Logout, Shutdown, and Reboot
     B.6     Alternate Backup and Restore Procedure
         B.6.1         Preparing an Alternate System Disk
         B.6.2         Using the Alternate System Disk
Appendix C
Appendix C License Management Supplement
     C.1     Using the License Unit Requirement Table (LURT)
     C.2     License Management Facility (LMF) Notes
     C.3     Restrictions
Appendix D
Appendix D Preparing to Use OpenVMS Management Station
     D.1     Preparing Your OpenVMS System
         D.1.1         Setting Up in a Mixed-Architecture Cluster Environment
         D.1.2         Start the Server on Other Nodes
         D.1.3         Error Log Information
         D.1.4         Update the Printer and Storage Database
         D.1.5         Edit the System Files
         D.1.6         Allow OpenVMS Management Station to Control the Printer and Storage Environment
         D.1.7         Keeping Your Printer Environment Up to Date
             D.1.7.1             When is the Database Updated?
             D.1.7.2             Do You Need to Run TNT$UTILITY.COM Manually?
             D.1.7.3             Are There Any Requirements for Running TNT$UTILITY.COM?
         D.1.8         Keeping Your Storage Environment Up to Date
         D.1.9         Enabling Disk Quotas
         D.1.10         Caching Storage Configuration Data
         D.1.11         Running Third-Party TCP/IP Stacks
         D.1.12         Determining and Reporting Problems
         D.1.13         Removing the OpenVMS Management Station Server
     D.2     Preparing Your PC
         D.2.1         Required Memory and Disk Space
         D.2.2         Distribution Files
         D.2.3         Required Software
         D.2.4         Time Required for Installation
         D.2.5         Copy the Client File to the PC
         D.2.6         Installation Directory
         D.2.7         Installation Procedure
         D.2.8         Recovering from Errors
     D.3     After Installing the Client Software on Your PC
     D.4     Defining TCP/IP Nodes
     D.5     Uninstalling Version 2.1 of the OpenVMS Management Station Client
     D.6     Uninstalling OpenVMS Management Station
     D.7     Getting Started with OpenVMS Management Station
Appendix E
Appendix E Removing the Compaq OpenVMS Alpha Operating System
Glossary Glossary
1 Frequently Abbreviated Product Names
2-1 OpenVMS Cluster Warranted and Migration Support
3-1 Prompts for OpenVMS Cluster Configurations
4-1 Sizes of Decompressed System Libraries
6-1 OpenVMS Cluster Warranted and Migration Support
8-1 Sizes of Decompressed System Libraries
A-1 SYSGEN Commands Used in the SYSBOOT Procedure
A-2 Emergency Boot Procedures

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