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OpenVMS Version 7.3
New Features and Documentation Overview

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Compares and contrasts OpenVMS on VAX and Alpha computers, focusing on the features provided to end users, system managers, and programmers.

OpenVMS Developer's Guide to VMSINSTAL

Describes the VMSINSTAL command procedure and provides guidelines for designing installation procedures that conform to standards recommended by Compaq. Intended for developers who are designing installation procedures for software products layered on the OpenVMS operating system.

OpenVMS DIGITAL Standard Runoff Reference Manual

Describes the DSR text-formatting utility.

OpenVMS EDT Reference Manual

Contains complete reference information for the EDT editor.

OpenVMS Exchange Utility Manual

Describes how to use the Exchange utility to transfer files between some foreign format volumes and OpenVMS native volumes.

OpenVMS Glossary

Defines terms specific to OpenVMS that are used throughout the documentation.

OpenVMS National Character Set Utility Manual

Describes how to use the National character set utility to build NCS definition files.

OpenVMS Obsolete Features Manual

Presents the DCL commands, system services, RTL routines, and utilities made obsolete by VMS Version 4.0 through Version 5.0. Includes an appendix of DCL commands, RTL routines, and utilities eliminated from VMS Version 4.0.

OpenVMS Programming Environment Manual

Provides a general description of Compaq products and tools that define the programming environment. Introduces facilities and tools such as the compilers, the linker, the debugger, the System Dump Analyzer, system services, and routine libraries.

OpenVMS Programming Interfaces: Calling a System Routine

Describes the OpenVMS programming interface and defines the standard conventions to call an OpenVMS system routine from a user procedure. The Alpha and VAX data type implementations for various high-level languages are also presented in this manual.

OpenVMS RTL DECtalk (DTK$) Manual

Documents the DECtalk support routines contained in the DTK$ facility of the OpenVMS Run-Time Library.

OpenVMS RTL Parallel Processing (PPL$) Manual

Documents the parallel-processing routines contained in the PPL$ facility of the OpenVMS Run-Time Library. Indicates which routines are specific to Alpha or VAX, as well as how routines function differently on each system.

OpenVMS Software Overview

Provides an overview of the OpenVMS operating system and some of its available products.

OpenVMS SUMSLP Utility Manual

Describes how to use the SUMSLP batch-oriented editor to update source files.

OpenVMS System Messages and Recovery Procedures Reference Manual

Contains an alphabetical listing of the errors, warnings, and informational messages issued by the operating system. Also provides the meaning of each message and a statement of the action to be taken in response to each message. This manual is in two volumes.

OpenVMS Terminal Fallback Utility Manual

Describes how to use the Terminal Fallback utility to manage the libraries, character conversion tables, and terminal parameters that are available within this utility.

OpenVMS VAX Card Reader, Line Printer, and LPA11--K I/O User's Reference Manual

Describes the card reader, laboratory peripheral accelerator, and line printer drivers on OpenVMS VAX.

OpenVMS VAX Device Support Manual

Describes how to write an OpenVMS VAX driver for a device not supplied by Compaq.

OpenVMS VAX Device Support Reference Manual

Provides the reference material for the OpenVMS VAX Device Support Manual by describing the data structures, macros, and routines used in device-driver programming.

OpenVMS VAX Patch Utility Manual

Describes how to use the Patch utility to examine and modify executable and shareable OpenVMS VAX images.

OpenVMS Wide Area Network I/O User's Reference Manual

Describes the DMC11/DMR11, DMP11 and DMF32, DR11-W and DRV11-WA, DR32, and asynchronous DDCMP interface drivers on OpenVMS VAX.

PDP--11 TECO User's Guide

Describes the operating procedures for the PDP-11 TECO (Text Editor and Corrector) program.

POLYCENTER Software Installation Utility User's Guide

Provides information on the POLYCENTER Software Installation utility, a new component that lets you install and manage software products that are compatible with the utility.

TCP/IP Networking on OpenVMS Systems

Provides an introductory overview of TCP/IP networking and describes OpenVMS DCL support for TCP/IP capabilities.

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