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Compaq PATHWORKS for OpenVMS (Advanced Server)
Server Administrator's Guide

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Chapter 5
5 Managing Printers, Print Queues, and Print Shares
     5.1     OpenVMS Print Queues
         5.1.1         Types of Advanced Server Print Queues
     5.2     Planning Printer Services
         5.2.1         Sharing Printers and Print Queues
     5.3     Managing Printers, Print Shares, and Print Jobs
         5.3.1         Setting Up a New Printer
                Printer Types
                Connecting Your Printer
                Creating an Advanced Server Print Queue
         5.3.2         Managing Printers Using the Advanced Server ADMINISTER Command-Line Interface
                Displaying Print Queue Information
                        Displaying Information About All Print Queues on a Server
                        Displaying Information About a Single Print Queue
                Changing the Printer Type
                Pausing a Print Queue
                Continuing a Print Queue
                Purging Print Jobs from a Print Queue
                Deleting a Print Queue
                Managing Print Shares
                        Creating an Advanced Server Print Share
                Controlling Access to Print Shares
                Changing Print Share Options
                        Example: Changing the Maximum Number of Connections for an Existing Print Share
                        Example: To Change the Permissions for an Existing Print Share
                Displaying Information About Print Shares, Using ADMINISTER Commands
                Stopping a Print Share
                Managing Print Jobs
                        Displaying Print Jobs
                        Pausing a Print Job
                        Releasing a Print Job
                        Restarting a Print Job
                        Moving a Print Job in a Print Queue
                        Deleting a Print Job
Chapter 6
6 Monitoring Events and Troubleshooting
     6.1     Monitoring Server Events
         6.1.1         ADMINISTER Commands
         6.1.2         Automatic Alerts
         6.1.3         Event Logging
                Displaying Events
                        Displaying Events When the Advanced Server Is Running
                        Displaying Events When the Advanced Server Is Not Running
                Saving and Clearing the Event Logs
                        Saving an Event Log
                        Clearing an Event Log
                Auditing Security Events Domainwide
                        Enabling Security Event Auditing
                        Disabling Auditing
                Establishing the Audit Policy
                        Example: Setting the Audit Policy
                Displaying the Audit Policy
                Setting and Displaying Security Event Auditing for Files and Directories
                        Example: Displaying the Audit Settings for a File
         6.1.4         Advanced Server Log Files
                Displaying Log Files
                The Advanced Server Common Event Log
     6.2     Troubleshooting Server Problems
         6.2.1         Troubleshooting Overview
                Stage 1: Collecting Information About the Problem
                Stage 2: Analyzing the Problem
                Stage 3: Solving the Problem
                        Gathering Information About Server Status
         6.2.2         The Problem Analysis Process
                Intermittent Problems
                Domain and Computer Problems
                Server Operation Problems
                        Monitoring Data Cache Use by the File Server
                Problems with Services
                Client Connection Problems
                Share Access Problems
                Printer Problems
                User Account Problems
                Privileged User Problems
                Problems Connecting to the Advanced Server
                License Acquisition and Validation Problems
     6.3     Solving Server Upgrade Problems

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