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Availability Manager User's Guide

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Chapter 6
6 Customizing the Availability Manager
     6.1     Specifying Groups or Individual Nodes to Monitor
     6.2     Changing the Group Membership of a Node
         6.2.1         Changing the Group of an OpenVMS Node
         6.2.2         Changing the Group of a Windows NT Node
     6.3     Customizing OpenVMS Data Collection
     6.4     Customizing OpenVMS Data Filters
         6.4.1         OpenVMS CPU Filters
         6.4.2         OpenVMS Disk Status Filters
         6.4.3         OpenVMS Disk Volume Filters
         6.4.4         OpenVMS I/O Filters
         6.4.5         OpenVMS Lock Contention Filters
         6.4.6         OpenVMS Memory Filters
         6.4.7         OpenVMS Page/Swap File Filters
     6.5     Customizing Events
     6.6     Customizing Security Features
         6.6.1         Changing Data Analyzer Passwords
                Changing a Data Analyzer Password for an OpenVMS Data Collector Node
                Changing a Data Analyzer Password for a Windows NT Data Collector Node
         6.6.2         Changing Security Triplets on OpenVMS Data Collector Nodes
                Understanding OpenVMS Security Triplets
                How to Change a Security Triplet
                How the Availability Manager Ensures Security
         6.6.3         Changing a Password on a Windows NT Data Collector
Appendix A
Appendix A CPU Process States
Appendix B
Appendix B Tables of Events
Appendix C
Appendix C OpenVMS Events by Type of Data Collection
1-1 Availability Manager Node Configuration
1-2 Requesting and Receiving Information
1-3 Application Window
1-4 Data Collection Page
1-5 Sample Node Summary Page
1-6 Sample Event Customization Page
1-7 Flow Chart of Event Testing
1-8 Availability Manager Password Matching
2-1 Application Window
2-2 Group Pane
2-3 Node Pane
2-4 OpenVMS Node Summary Page
2-5 Data Collection Page
3-1 OpenVMS Node Pane
3-2 Windows NT Node Pane
3-3 Node Summary Page
3-4 Windows NT CPU Modes Page
3-5 OpenVMS CPU Modes Summary Pane
3-6 OpenVMS CPU Modes Detail Pane
3-7 OpenVMS CPU Process Summary Pane
3-8 Windows NT Memory Page
3-9 OpenVMS Memory Page
3-10 OpenVMS I/O Summaries Page
3-11 OpenVMS I/O Page/Swap Files Page
3-12 OpenVMS Disk Status Summary
3-13 OpenVMS Single Disk Summary Page
3-14 OpenVMS Disk Volume Summary Page
3-15 Windows NT Logical Disk Summary Page
3-16 Windows NT Physical Disk Summary Page
3-17 OpenVMS Lock Contention Page
3-18 OpenVMS Cluster Summary Page
3-19 Virtual Circuit Data Page
3-20 LAN Virtual Circuit Details
3-21 Channel Selection Data Page
3-22 Virtual Connect (VC) Closures Data Page
3-23 Packets Discarded Data Page
3-24 Transmit Data Page
3-25 Receive Data Page
3-26 Congestion Control Data Page
3-27 Process Information Page
3-28 Working Set Page
3-29 Execution Rates Page
3-30 Process Quotas Page
3-31 Wait States Page
3-32 Job Quotas Page
4-1 Application Window
4-2 Sample Event Customization Page
4-3 OpenVMS Data Collection Page
4-4 OpenVMS Node Pane
5-1 Crash Node Page
5-2 Adjust Quorum Page
5-3 Change Process Priority Page
5-4 Delete Process Page
5-5 Exit Image Page
5-6 Suspend Process Page
5-7 Resume Process Page
5-8 Change Process Priority Page
5-9 Purge Working Set Page
5-10 Adjust Working Set Page
5-11 Direct I/O Count Limit Page
5-12 Buffered I/O Count Limit Page
5-13 AST Queue Limit Page
5-14 Open File Limit Page
5-15 Lock Queue Limit Page
5-16 Time Queue Entry Limit Page
5-17 Subprocess Creation Limit Page
5-18 I/O Byte Page
6-1 Customize Menu in Application Window
6-2 Customize Menu in Node Pane
6-3 Group/Node Lists Customization Page
6-4 OpenVMS Data Collection Page
6-5 OpenVMS CPU Filters Page
6-6 OpenVMS Disk Status Filters Page
6-7 OpenVMS Disk Volume Filters Page
6-8 OpenVMS I/O Filters Page
6-9 OpenVMS Lock Contention Filters Page
6-10 OpenVMS Memory Filters Page
6-11 OpenVMS Page/Swap File Filters Page
6-12 Event Customization Page
6-13 OpenVMS Security Customization Page
6-14 Windows NT Security Customization Page
1-1 Data Collection Intervals
3-1 OpenVMS Node Data
3-2 Windows NT Node Data
3-3 Node Data Page Menu Bar
3-4 I/O Data Displayed
3-5 Summary Pane Data
3-6 Cluster Member Data
3-7 Virtual Circuit Data
3-8 SCS Connections Data
3-9 LAN Virtual Circuit Details Data
4-1 Events Pane Data
5-1 Accessing Availability Manager Fixes
5-2 Summary of Problems and Matching Fixes
6-1 Data Collection Choices
6-2 Data Collection Intervals
6-3 Security Triplet Verification
A-1 CPU Process States
B-1 OpenVMS Events
B-2 Windows NT Events
C-1 OpenVMS Threshold Events
C-2 OpenVMS Nonthreshold Events

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