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Availability Manager User's Guide

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Preface Preface
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Getting Started
Chapter 3 Getting Information about Nodes
Chapter 4 Getting Information about Events
Chapter 5 Performing Fixes on OpenVMS Nodes
Chapter 6 Customizing the Availability Manager
Appendix A CPU Process States
Appendix B Tables of Events
Appendix C OpenVMS Events by Type of Data Collection


Preface Preface
Chapter 1
1 Overview
     1.1     What Is the Availability Manager?
     1.2     How Does the Availability Manager Work?
     1.3     How Does the Availability Manager Identify Performance Problems?
         1.3.1         Collecting and Analyzing Data
                Types of Data Collection
                Events and Data Collection
                Data Collection Intervals
         1.3.2         Posting Events
                Thresholds and Occurrences
     1.4     How Does the Availability Manager Maintain Security?
         1.4.1         Data Analyzer Password Security
         1.4.2         OpenVMS Data Collector Security Features
Chapter 2
2 Getting Started
     2.1     Starting the Data Collector
     2.2     Starting the Data Analyzer
         2.2.1         How to Start the Data Analyzer on an OpenVMS Alpha Node
         2.2.2         How to Start the Data Analyzer on a Windows NT Node
     2.3     Using the Application Window
         2.3.1         Other Window Components
         2.3.2         Displaying More Information
     2.4     Selecting a Group of Nodes
         2.4.1         Group Names That Are Displayed by Default
         2.4.2         How to Display Other Nodes
     2.5     Displaying Information about Nodes
         2.5.1         Choosing a Node
         2.5.2         Specifying Data to Collect on OpenVMS Nodes
         2.5.3         Sorting Data
     2.6     Getting Help
Chapter 3
3 Getting Information about Nodes
     3.1     Node Panes
         3.1.1         OpenVMS Node Pane
         3.1.2         Windows NT Node Pane
     3.2     Node Data Pages
         3.2.1         Node Summary
         3.2.2         CPU Modes and Process Summaries
                Windows NT CPU Modes
                OpenVMS CPU Modes Summary
                OpenVMS CPU Modes Detail
                OpenVMS CPU Process Summary
         3.2.3         Memory Summaries
                Windows NT Memory Summary
                OpenVMS Memory Summary
         3.2.4         OpenVMS I/O Summaries and Page/Swap Files
                OpenVMS I/O Summaries
                OpenVMS I/O Page/Swap Files
         3.2.5         Disk Summaries
                OpenVMS Disk Status Summary
                OpenVMS Single Disk Summary
                OpenVMS Disk Volume Summary
                Windows NT Logical Disk Summary
                Windows NT Physical Disk Summary
         3.2.6         OpenVMS Lock Contention
         3.2.7         OpenVMS Cluster Summary
                Summary Pane
                Cluster Members Pane
                System Communications Architecture (SCA) Virtual Circuit (VC) Data
                SCS Connections Data
                LAN Virtual Circuit Details Data
         3.2.8         OpenVMS Network Interconnect for the System Communication Architecture (NISCA) Pages
                Channel Selection Data
                Virtual Circuit (VC) Closures Data
                Packets Discarded Data
                Transmit Data
                Receive Data
                Congestion Control Data
         3.2.9         OpenVMS Single Process
                Process Information
                Working Set
                Execution Rates
                Process I/O Quotas
                Wait States
                Job Quotas
Chapter 4
4 Getting Information about Events
     4.1     Displaying Event Information
         4.1.1         Data in the Events Pane
         4.1.2         Events Pane Menu Options
     4.2     Criteria Signaling and Displaying an Event
     4.3     Displaying Additional Event Information
Chapter 5
5 Performing Fixes on OpenVMS Nodes
     5.1     Understanding Fixes
     5.2     Performing Fixes
         5.2.1         Node Fixes
                Crash Node
                Adjust Quorum
         5.2.2         Performing Process Fixes
         5.2.3         General Process Fixes
                Delete Process
                Exit Image
                Suspend Process
                Resume Process
                Change Process Priority
         5.2.4         Process Memory Fixes
                Purge Working Set
                Adjust Working Set
         5.2.5         Process Limits Fixes
                Direct I/O Count Limit
                Buffered I/O Count Limit
                AST Queue Limit
                Open File Limit
                Lock Queue Limit
                Time Queue Entry Limit
                Subprocess Creation Limit
                I/O Byte

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