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The CLUE MEMORY/GH/FULL command displays data structures that describe granularity hint regions and huge pages.


System Virtual Address Space Layout:
   Item                                  Base               End          Length
System Virtual Base Address       FFFFFEFE.00000000
PFN Database                      FFFFFEFE.00000000  FFFFFEFE.00280000  00280000
Permanent Mapping of System L1PT  FFFFFEFE.00280000  FFFFFEFE.00282000  00002000
Global Page Table (GPT)           FFFFFEFE.00282000  FFFFFEFE.0089CD38  0061AD38
Resource Hash Table               FFFFFFFF.6FC1A000  FFFFFFFF.6FC22000  00008000
Lock ID Table                     FFFFFFFF.6FC22000  FFFFFFFF.70000000  003DE000
Execlet Code Region               FFFFFFFF.80000000  FFFFFFFF.80800000  00800000
Resident Image Code Region        FFFFFFFF.80800000  FFFFFFFF.81000000  00800000
System Header                     FFFFFFFF.81400000  FFFFFFFF.8140E000  0000E000
Error Log Allocation Buffers      FFFFFFFF.8140E000  FFFFFFFF.81414000  00006000
Nonpaged Pool (initial size)      FFFFFFFF.81414000  FFFFFFFF.817C8000  003B4000
Nonpaged Pool Expansion Area      FFFFFFFF.817C8000  FFFFFFFF.82664000  00E9C000
Execlet Data Region               FFFFFFFF.81000000  FFFFFFFF.81400000  00400000
Fork Buffers Secondary to Primary FFFFFFFF.8268C000  FFFFFFFF.8268E000  00002000
Erase Pattern Buffer Page         FFFFFFFF.8268E000  FFFFFFFF.82690000  00002000
363 Balance Slots, 33 pages each  FFFFFFFF.826A0000  FFFFFFFF.88436000  05D96000
Paged Pool                        FFFFFFFF.88436000  FFFFFFFF.887E4000  003AE000
System Control Block (SCB)        FFFFFFFF.887E4000  FFFFFFFF.887EC000  00008000
Restart Parameter Block (HWRPB)   FFFFFFFF.88832000  FFFFFFFF.88832B48  00000B48
Erase Pattern Page Table Page     FFFFFFFF.82690000  FFFFFFFF.82692000  00002000
Posix Cloning Parent Page Mapping FFFFFFFF.88B1E000  FFFFFFFF.88B20000  00002000
Posix Cloning Child Page Mapping  FFFFFFFF.88B20000  FFFFFFFF.88B22000  00002000
Swapper Process Kernel Stack      FFFFFFFF.88B56000  FFFFFFFF.88B5A000  00004000
Swapper Map                       FFFFFFFF.88B60000  FFFFFFFF.88B82000  00022000
Idle Loop's Mapping of Zero Pages FFFFFFFF.88C5E000  FFFFFFFF.88C60000  00002000
PrimCPU Machine Check Logout Area FFFFFFFF.88C60400  FFFFFFFF.88C60800  00000400
PrimCPU Sys Context Kernel Stack  FFFFFFFF.88C58000  FFFFFFFF.88C5C000  00004000
Tape Mount Verification Buffer    FFFFFFFF.88C62000  FFFFFFFF.88C66000  00004000
Mount Verification Buffer         FFFFFFFF.88C66000  FFFFFFFF.88C68000  00002000
Demand Zero Optimization Page     FFFFFFFF.88E68000  FFFFFFFF.88E6A000  00002000
Executive Mode Data Page          FFFFFFFF.88E6A000  FFFFFFFF.88E6C000  00002000
System Space Expansion Region     FFFFFFFF.8C000000  FFFFFFFF.FFDF0000  73DF0000
System Page Table Window          FFFFFFFF.FFDF0000  FFFFFFFF.FFFF0000  00200000
N/A Space                         FFFFFFFF.FFFF0000  FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF  00010000

The CLUE MEMORY/LAYOUT command decodes and displays the sytem virtual address space layout.


Non-Paged Dynamic Storage Pool - Lookaside List Queue Information:
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50400   Size:   64   Status: Valid, 11 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50408   Size:  128   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50410   Size:  192   Status: Valid, 29 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50418   Size:  256   Status: Valid, 3 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50420   Size:  320   Status: Valid, 7 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50428   Size:  384   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50430   Size:  448   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50438   Size:  512   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50440   Size:  576   Status: Valid, 6 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50448   Size:  640   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50450   Size:  704   Status: Valid, 5 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50458   Size:  768   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50460   Size:  832   Status: Valid, empty
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50468   Size:  896   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50470   Size:  960   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50478   Size: 1024   Status: Valid, 6 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50480   Size: 1088   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50488   Size: 1152   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50490   Size: 1216   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50498   Size: 1280   Status: Valid, 2 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504A0   Size: 1344   Status: Valid, 2 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504A8   Size: 1408   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504B0   Size: 1472   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504B8   Size: 1536   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504C0   Size: 1600   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504C8   Size: 1664   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504D0   Size: 1728   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504D8   Size: 1792   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504E0   Size: 1856   Status: Valid, empty
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504E8   Size: 1920   Status: Valid, empty
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504F0   Size: 1984   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C504F8   Size: 2048   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50500   Size: 2112   Status: Valid, 1 element
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50508   Size: 2176   Status: Valid, 15 elements
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50510   Size: 2240   Status: Valid, empty
Listhead Addr: FFFFFFFF.80C50518   Size: 2304   Status: Valid, 1 element

   Total free space:  00016440 (hex)    91200 (dec)  bytes

The CLUE MEMORY/LOOKASIDE command summarizes the state of nonpageable lookaside lists. For each list, an indication of whether the queue is well formed is given. If a queue is not well formed or is invalid, messages indicating what is wrong with the queue are displayed. This command is analogous to the SDA command VALIDATE QUEUE.

These messages can also appear frequently when you use the VALIDATE QUEUE command within an SDA session that is analyzing a running system. In a running system, the composition of a queue can change while the command is tracing its links, thus producing an error message.


Memory Management Statistics:
Pagefaults:                             Non-Paged Pool:
Total Page Faults           1060897     Successful Expansions            32
Total Page Reads             393414     Unsuccessful Expansions           0
I/O's to read Pages          163341     Failed Pages Accumulator          0
Modified Pages Written          121     Total Alloc Requests          55596
I/O's to write Mod Pages         19     Failed Alloc Requests             0
Demand Zero Faults           281519
Global Valid Faults          378701     Paged Pool:
Modified Faults              236189     Total Failures                    0
Read Faults                       0     Failed Pages Accumulator          0
Execute Faults                28647     Total Alloc Requests          10229
                                        Failed Alloc Requests             0

Direct I/O                   591365     Cur Mapped Gbl Sections         653
Buffered I/O                 589652     Max Mapped Gbl Sections         654
Split I/O                       213     Cur Mapped Gbl Pages          12193
Hits                          83523     Max Mapped Gbl Pages          12196
Logical Name Transl         1805476     Maximum Processes                46
Dead Page Table Scans             0     Sched Zero Pages Created          0

Distributed Lock Manager:           Local         Incoming         Outgoing
$ENQ New Lock Requests             674059                0                0
$ENQ Conversion Requests           497982                0                0
$DEQ Dequeue Requests              671626                0                0
Blocking ASTs                          26                0                0
Directory Functions                                      0                0
Deadlock Messages                                        0                0

$ENQ Requests that Wait         822     Deadlock Searches Performed       0
$ENQ Requests not Queued          3     Deadlocks Found                   0

MSCP Statistics:                        Total IOs                         0
Count of VC Failures              0     Split IOs                         0
Count of Hosts Served             0     IOs that had to Wait (Buf)        0
Count of Disks Served            10     Requests in MemWait Queue         0
MSCP_BUFFER (SYSGEN)            128     Max Req ever in MemWait           0
MSCP_CREDITS (SYSGEN)             8

File System Cache:     Current SYSGEN Param        Hits      Misses Hitrate
File Header Cache     (ACP_HDRCACHE  = 726)      196207        1214   99.3%
Storage Bitmap Cache  (ACP_MAPCACHE  = 181)          38           9   80.8%
Directory Data Cache  (ACP_DIRCACHE  = 726)      153415         199   99.8%
Directory LRU         (ACP_DINDXCACHE= 181)      138543         106   99.9%
FID Cache             (ACP_FIDCACHE  =  64)         119           6   95.2%
Extent Cache          (ACP_EXTCACHE  =  64)         229           9   96.2%
Quota Cache           (ACP_QUOCACHE  = 365)           0           0    0.0%

Volume Synch Locks              958     Window Turns                   1464
Volume Synch Locks Wait           0     Currently Open Files            630
Dir/File Synch Locks         432071     Total Count of OPENs          52903
Dir/file Synch Locks Wait       746     Total Count of ERASE QIOs       186
Access Locks                 151648
Free Space Cache Wait         12608

Global Pagefile Quota        785957     GBLPAGFIL (SYSGEN) Limit     786688

The CLUE MEMORY/STATISTIC command displays systemwide performance data such as page fault, I/O, pool, lock manager, MSCP, and file system cache statistics.


Displays process-related information from the current process context.


CLUE PROCESS [/qualifier[,...]]





Displays the buffer objects for the current process. If the /ALL qualifier is specified, then the buffer objects for all processes (that is, all existing buffer objects) are displayed.


Displays the process P1 virtual address space layout.


Displays the process logical names and equivalence names, if they can be accessed.


Displays the DCL recall buffer, if it can be accessed.


The CLUE PROCESS command displays process-related information from the current process context. Much of this information is in pageable address space and thus may not be present in a dump file.



Process Logical Names:
   "SYS$OUTPUT" = "_CLAWS$LTA5004:"
   "SYS$OUTPUT" = "_CLAWS$LTA5004:"
   "SYS$DISK" = "WORK1:"
   "BACKUP_FILE" = "_$65$DUA6"
   "SYS$PUTMSG" = "...À...À.."
   "SYS$COMMAND" = "_CLAWS$LTA5004:"
   "TAPE_LOGICAL_NAME" = "_$1$MUA3:"
   "TT" = "LTA5004:"
   "SYS$INPUT" = "_$65$DUA6:"
   "SYS$INPUT" = "_CLAWS$LTA5004:"
   "SYS$ERROR" = "21C00303.LOG"
   "SYS$ERROR" = "_CLAWS$LTA5004:"
   "ERROR_FILE" = "_$65$DUA6"

The CLUE PROCESS/LOGICAL command displays logical names for each running process.


Process DCL Recall Buffer:
Index  Command
  1    ana/sys
  2    @login
  3    mc sysman io auto /log
  4    show device d
  5    sea <.x>*.lis clue$
  6    tpu <.x>*0914.lis
  7    sh log *hsj*
  8    xd <.x>.lis
  9    mc ess$ladcp show serv
 10    tpu clue_cmd.cld
 11    ana/sys


The CLUE PROCESS/RECALL command displays a listing of the DCL commands that have been executed most recently.


Displays the active register set for the crash CPU. The CLUE REGISTER command is valid only when analyzing crash dumps.








The CLUE REGISTER command displays the active register set of the crash CPU. It also identifies any known data structures, symbolizes any system virtual addresses, interprets the processor status (PS), and attempts to interpret R0 as a condition code.


Current Registers:   Process index: 0042   Process name: BATCH_3   PCB: 817660C0   (CPU 1)
   R0  =  00000000.00000000
   R1  =  FFFFFFFF.814A2C80   MP_CPU  (CPU Id 1)
   R2  =  00000000.00000000
   R3  =  00000000.23D6BBEE
   R4  =  00000000.00000064
   R5  =  FFFFFFFF.831F8000   PHD
   R6  =  00000000.12F75475
   R7  =  00000000.010C7A70
   R8  =  00000000.00000001
   R9  =  00000000.00000000
   R10 =  00000000.00000000
   R11 =  FFFFFFFF.814A2C80   MP_CPU  (CPU Id 1)
   R15 =  00000000.7FFA1DD8
   R16 =  00000000.0000078C
   R17 =  00000000.00000000
   R18 =  FFFFFFFF.810356C0   SYS$CPU_ROUTINES_2208+1D6C0
   R20 =  FFFFFFFF.80120F00   SCH$QEND_C+00080
   R21 =  00000000.00000000
   R22 =  FFFFFFFF.00000000
   R23 =  00000000.00000000
   R24 =  00000000.00000000
   RA  =  00000000.00000000
   PV  =  00000000.00000000
   FP  =  00000000.7FFA1F90
   PC  =  FFFFFFFF.800863A8   SMP$TIMEOUT_C+00068
   PS  =  18000000.00000804   Kernel Mode, IPL 8, Interrupt


Displays the scatter-gather map.


CLUE SG [/CRAB=address]





Displays the ringbuffer for the specified Counted Resource Allocation Block (CRAB). The default action is to display the ringbuffer for all CRABs.


CLUE SG decodes and displays the scatter/gather ringbuffer entries.

In this example, the scatter-gather ringbuffer for the CRAB at address 81224740 is displayed.

In this example, the scatter-gather ringbuffer for the CRAB address 8120D600 is displayed.


Identifies and displays the current stack. Use the SDA command SHOW STACK to display and decode the whole stack for the more common bugcheck types.








The CLUE STACK command identifies and displays the current stack together with the upper and lower stack limits. In case of a FATALEXCPT, INVEXCEPTN, SSRVEXCEPT, UNXSIGNAL, or PGFIPLHI bugcheck, CLUE STACK tries to decode the whole stack.


Stack Decoder:
Normal Process Kernel Stack:
Stack Pointer         00000000.7FFA1C98
Stack Limits (low)    00000000.7FFA0000
             (high)   00000000.7FFA2000

Stack Pointer  SP =>  00000000.7FFA1C98

Information saved by Bugcheck:
a(Signal Array)       00000000.7FFA1C98  00000000.00000000

EXE$EXCPTN[E] Temporary Storage:
EXE$EXCPTN[E] Stack Frame:
PV                    00000000.7FFA1CA0  FFFFFFFF.829CF010  EXE$EXCPTN
        Entry Point                      FFFFFFFF.82A21000  EXE$EXCPTN_C
return PC             00000000.7FFA1CA8  FFFFFFFF.82A2059C  SYS$CALL_HANDL_C+0002C
saved R2              00000000.7FFA1CB0  00000000.00000000
saved FP              00000000.7FFA1CB8  00000000.7FFA1CD0

SYS$CALL_HANDL Temporary Storage:
                      00000000.7FFA1CC0  FFFFFFFF.829CEDA8  SYS$CALL_HANDL
                      00000000.7FFA1CC8  00000000.00000000
PV                    00000000.7FFA1CD0  FFFFFFFF.829CEDA8  SYS$CALL_HANDL
        Entry Point                      FFFFFFFF.82A20570  SYS$CALL_HANDL_C
                      00000000.7FFA1CD8  00000000.00000000
return PC             00000000.7FFA1CE0  FFFFFFFF.82A1E930  CHF_REI+000DC
saved FP              00000000.7FFA1CE8  00000000.7FFA1F40

Fixed Exception Context Area:
Linkage Pointer       00000000.7FFA1CF0  FFFFFFFF.80C63780  EXCEPTION_MON_NPRW+06D80
a(Signal Array)       00000000.7FFA1CF8  00000000.7FFA1EB8
a(Mechanism Array)    00000000.7FFA1D00  00000000.7FFA1D40
a(Exception Frame)    00000000.7FFA1D08  00000000.7FFA1F00
Exception FP          00000000.7FFA1D10  00000000.7FFA1F40
Unwind SP             00000000.7FFA1D18  00000000.00000000
Reinvokable FP        00000000.7FFA1D20  00000000.00000000
Unwind Target         00000000.7FFA1D28  00000000.00020000  SYS$K_VERSION_04
#Sig Args/Byte Cnt    00000000.7FFA1D30  00000005.00000250  BUG$_NETRCVPKT
a(Msg)/Final Status   00000000.7FFA1D38  829CE050.000008F8  BUG$_SEQ_NUM_OVF

Mechanism Array:
Flags/Arguments       00000000.7FFA1D40  00000000.0000002C
a(Establisher FP)     00000000.7FFA1D48  00000000.7AFFBAD0
reserved/Depth        00000000.7FFA1D50  FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFD
a(Handler Data)       00000000.7FFA1D58  00000000.00000000
a(Exception Frame)    00000000.7FFA1D60  00000000.7FFA1F00
a(Signal Array)       00000000.7FFA1D68  00000000.7FFA1EB8
saved R0              00000000.7FFA1D70  00000000.00020000  SYS$K_VERSION_04
saved R1              00000000.7FFA1D78  00000000.00000000
saved R16             00000000.7FFA1D80  00000000.00020004  UCB$M_NI_PRM_MLT+00004
saved R17             00000000.7FFA1D88  00000000.00010050  SYS$K_VERSION_16+00010
saved R18             00000000.7FFA1D90  FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF
saved R19             00000000.7FFA1D98  00000000.00000000
saved R20             00000000.7FFA1DA0  00000000.7FFA1F50
saved R21             00000000.7FFA1DA8  00000000.00000000
saved R22             00000000.7FFA1DB0  00000000.00010050  SYS$K_VERSION_16+00010
saved R23             00000000.7FFA1DB8  00000000.00000000
saved R24             00000000.7FFA1DC0  00000000.00010051  SYS$K_VERSION_16+00011
saved R25             00000000.7FFA1DC8  00000000.00000000
saved R26             00000000.7FFA1DD0  FFFFFFFF.8010ACA4  AMAC$EMUL_CALL_NATIVE_C+000A4
saved R27             00000000.7FFA1DD8  00000000.00010050  SYS$K_VERSION_16+00010
saved R28             00000000.7FFA1DE0  00000000.00000000
FP Regs not valid     [...............]
a(Signal64 Array)     00000000.7FFA1EA0  00000000.7FFA1ED0
SP Align = 10(hex)    [...............]

Signal Array:
Arguments             00000000.7FFA1EB8           00000005
Condition             00000000.7FFA1EBC           0000000C
Argument #2           00000000.7FFA1EC0           00010000  LDRIMG$M_NPAGED_LOAD
Argument #3           00000000.7FFA1EC4           00000000
Argument #4           00000000.7FFA1EC8           00030078  SYS$K_VERSION_01+00078
Argument #5           00000000.7FFA1ECC           00000003

64-bit Signal Array:
Arguments             00000000.7FFA1ED0  00002604.00000005
Condition             00000000.7FFA1ED8  00000000.0000000C
Argument #2           00000000.7FFA1EE0  00000000.00010000  LDRIMG$M_NPAGED_LOAD
Argument #3           00000000.7FFA1EE8  00000000.00000000
Argument #4           00000000.7FFA1EF0  00000000.00030078  SYS$K_VERSION_01+00078
Argument #5           00000000.7FFA1EF8  00000000.00000003

Interrupt/Exception Frame:
saved R2              00000000.7FFA1F00  00000000.00000003
saved R3              00000000.7FFA1F08  FFFFFFFF.80C63460  EXCEPTION_MON_NPRW+06A60
saved R4              00000000.7FFA1F10  FFFFFFFF.80D12740  PCB
saved R5              00000000.7FFA1F18  00000000.000000C8
saved R6              00000000.7FFA1F20  00000000.00030038  SYS$K_VERSION_01+00038
saved R7              00000000.7FFA1F28  00000000.7FFA1FC0
saved PC              00000000.7FFA1F30  00000000.00030078  SYS$K_VERSION_01+00078
saved PS              00000000.7FFA1F38  00000000.00000003  IPL INT CURR PREV
SP Align = 00(hex)    [...............]                      00  0  Kern User

Stack Frame:
PV                    00000000.7FFA1F40  00000000.00010050  SYS$K_VERSION_16+00010
        Entry Point                      00000000.00030060  SYS$K_VERSION_01+00060
                      00000000.7FFA1F48  00000000.00010000  LDRIMG$M_NPAGED_LOAD
return PC             00000000.7FFA1F50  FFFFFFFF.8010ACA4  AMAC$EMUL_CALL_NATIVE_C+000A4
saved FP              00000000.7FFA1F58  00000000.7FFA1F70

Stack (not decoded):
                      00000000.7FFA1F60  00000000.00000001
                      00000000.7FFA1F68  FFFFFFFF.800EE81C  RM_STD$DIRCACHE_BLKAST_C+005AC

Stack Frame:
PV                    00000000.7FFA1F70  FFFFFFFF.80C6EBA0  EXE$CMKRNL
        Entry Point                      FFFFFFFF.800EE6C0  EXE$CMKRNL_C
                      00000000.7FFA1F78  00000000.829CEDE8  EXE$SIGTORET
                      00000000.7FFA1F80  00010050.00000002
                      00000000.7FFA1F88  00000000.00020000  SYS$K_VERSION_04
                      00000000.7FFA1F90  00000000.00030000  SYS$K_VERSION_01
return PC             00000000.7FFA1F98  FFFFFFFF.800A4D64  __RELEASE_LDBL_EXEC_SERVICE+00284
saved R2              00000000.7FFA1FA0  00000000.00000003
saved R4              00000000.7FFA1FA8  FFFFFFFF.80D12740  PCB
saved R13             00000000.7FFA1FB0  00000000.00010000  LDRIMG$M_NPAGED_LOAD
saved FP              00000000.7FFA1FB8  00000000.7AFFBAD0

Interrupt/Exception Frame:
saved R2              00000000.7FFA1FC0  00000000.7FFCF880  MMG$IMGHDRBUF+00080
saved R3              00000000.7FFA1FC8  00000000.7B0E9851
saved R4              00000000.7FFA1FD0  00000000.7FFCF818  MMG$IMGHDRBUF+00018
saved R5              00000000.7FFA1FD8  00000000.7FFCF938  MMG$IMGHDRBUF+00138
saved R6              00000000.7FFA1FE0  00000000.7FFAC9F0
saved R7              00000000.7FFA1FE8  00000000.7FFAC9F0
saved PC              00000000.7FFA1FF0  FFFFFFFF.80000140  SYS$CLREF_C
saved PS              00000000.7FFA1FF8  00000000.0000001B  IPL INT CURR PREV
SP Align = 00(hex)    [...............]                      00  0  User User

CLUE STACK identifies and displays the current stack and its upper and lower limit. It then decodes the current stack if it is one of the more common bugcheck types. In this case, CLUE STACK tries to decode the entire INVEXCEPTN stack.

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