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OpenVMS Guide to Extended File Specifications

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Appendix B
Appendix B Technical Information
     B.1     System Services Changes
         B.1.1         $SET_PROCESS_PROPERTIESW System Service (Alpha Only)
         B.1.2         $CVT_FILENAME System Service (Alpha Only)
         B.1.3         $GETJPI System Service
         B.1.4         $CREPRC System Service
         B.1.5         $SETDDIR System Service
     B.2     Record Management Services (RMS) Changes
         B.2.1         Overview of Record Management Services Changes
             B.2.1.1             Extended File Specification Support
             B.2.1.2             Additional Characters
             B.2.1.3             Deeply Nested Directory Support
         B.2.2         Syntax and Semantics Changes
             B.2.2.1             Use of Hyphen as First File Name Character
             B.2.2.2             Characters Accepted Directly
             B.2.2.3             Characters That Require an Escape Character
             B.2.2.4             Characters That Can Have an Escape Character
             B.2.2.5             Reserved Escape Sequences
             B.2.2.6             Canonical Form of File Specifications
             B.2.2.7             DID Abbreviation
             B.2.2.8             FID Abbreviation
         B.2.3         RMS Data Structure Changes (Alpha Only)
             B.2.3.1             NAM Block
             B.2.3.2             NAML Block
                 B.                 Validating the NAML Block
                 B.                 Using the NAM and NAML Block
                 B.                 Condition Values Returned
     B.3     Files-11 XQP Changes
         B.3.1         File Naming and Format Changes
             B.3.1.1             Specifying the Format of the Input File Name
             B.3.1.2             Controlling the Format of Returned File Names
             B.3.1.3             Wildcard Searches and Pseudonames
             B.3.1.4             Compatibility with Unchanged Applications
         B.3.2         File Attribute Changes
             B.3.2.1             Modified File Attributes
     B.4     Programming Utility Changes
         B.4.1         File Definition Language (FDL) Routines
             B.4.1.1             FDL$CREATE Routine (Alpha Only)
             B.4.1.2             FDL$GENERATE Routine (Alpha Only)
             B.4.1.3             FDL$PARSE Routine (Alpha Only)
             B.4.1.4             FDL$RELEASE Routine (Alpha Only)
     B.5     Run-Time Library Changes
         B.5.1         LIB$CREATE_DIR
         B.5.2         LIB$DELETE_FILE
         B.5.3         LIB$FILE_SCAN
         B.5.4         LIB$FIND_FILE
         B.5.5         LIB$RENAME_FILE
         B.5.6         LIB$FID_TO_NAME
Appendix C
Appendix C Character Sets
C-1 Differences Between DEC Multinational Character Set and ISO Latin-1 Character Set
2-1 Non-Supported OpenVMS Components
3-1 Sample Wildcards and Matching Patterns
3-2 Directory Names on ODS-5 Volumes
3-3 DCL New Features
B-1 Property Code Descriptions
B-2 Flag Descriptions
B-3 New NAM$B_NOP Flag
B-4 New NAM$L_FNB Flags
B-5 NAM$B_NMC Flag
B-6 New Fields for the NAML Block
B-7 RMS Condition Values Returned When Using NAML Block
B-8 FIB Constants for File Formats
B-9 New FIB$W_NMCTL Flags
B-10 FIB Flag Settings and Format of Related Returned Names
B-11 Safe Buffer Sizes for Each File Format (in Bytes)
B-12 Modified Attribute Codes
C-1 DEC Multinational Character Set

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