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Compaq TCP/IP Services for OpenVMS

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Appendix B
Appendix B EBCDIC/DMCS Translation Tables
     B.1     Macros for Modifying the Translation Tables
     B.2     Building Translation Tables
     B.3     Examples of Modifying Translation Tables
Appendix C
Appendix C How NFS Converts File Names
Appendix D
Appendix D Acronyms
5-1 Path Name Options
5-2 Boolean Options
5-3 Forwarding Options
5-4 Name Checking Options
5-5 Access Control Options
5-6 Zone Transfer Options
5-7 Server Statement
5-8 Server Statement
5-9 Reading Database Files
7-1 Sample SERVER.PCY File
7-2 Sample DHCPCAP. File
7-3 Sample NETS. File
7-4 NETS Entries with IP Ranges for Two Networks
7-5 Sample NETMASKS. File
7-6 Sample NAMEPOOL. File
7-7 NAMEPOOL Entries Showing the Use of a Name Prefix
7-8 Sample Single-Host DHCPCAP File Entry
7-9 Sample Single Host DHCPCAP Entry
7-10 Sample Subnet DHCPCAP Entry
7-11 Sample DHCPDBMOD Entry
8-1 Client Startup File
8-2 SHOWDHC Sample Output
1 TCP/IP Services Documentation
1-1 Configuration Databases
3-1 Configuring PPP Interfaces
3-2 Set Up Tasks Required for an OpenVMS Alpha PPP Dialup Provider or Client
3-3 Command Qualifiers Used for Configuring SLIP
4-1 GATED Routing Protocols
5-1 UCX BIND and BIND 8.1 Differences
5-2 BIND Name Server Configuration Statements
5-3 Path Name Options
5-4 Boolean Options
5-5 Forwarding Options
5-6 Name Checking Options
5-7 Access Control Options
5-8 Zone Transfer Options
5-9 Periodic Task Options
5-10 NSUPDATE Commands
5-11 Standard Resource Record Types
5-12 Starting and Stopping NSLOOKUP
5-13 NSLOOKUP Commands
5-14 Options to the NSLOOKUP set Command
5-15 Options to the NSLOOKUP ls Command
6-1 Valid Cluster Statements
6-2 Load Broker Logical Names
6-3 Metric Server Logical Names
7-1 DHCP IP Address Allocation Methods
7-2 DHCP Executable Files
7-3 DHCP Configuration Files
7-4 DHCP Server Command Files
7-5 DHCP Server Logical Names
7-6 Network Type Symbol and Number
7-7 NetBIOS Node Type and Value
7-8 BOOTP/DHCP Configuration File Symbols
7-9 Vendor Specific Options
7-10 DHCP Utility Commands Associated with Databases
7-12 DHCPDBMOD Command Flags
8-1 Configuration Keywords
8-2 Supported Request Parameters
8-3 DHCP Client Command Files
8-4 DHCP Client System Logicals
8-5 DHCP Signal Commands
9-1 BOOTP Management Commands
9-2 BOOTP and TFTP Logical Names
10-1 TFTP Management Commands
10-2 TFTP Logical Names
12-1 NTP Log File Messages
12-2 Authentication Commands
12-3 NTPDATE Options
12-4 NTPTRACE Options
12-5 NTPDC Options
12-6 NTPQ Options
13-1 SNMP Components
13-2 SNMP Executable, Command, and Data Files
13-3 SNMP Logging Options
13-4 SNMP Operation Options
13-5 Timing and Timeout Handling Options
13-6 Testing and Troubleshooting Options
13-7 Backward-Compatibility Options
14-1 TELNET Logical Names
15-1 FTP Logical Names
16-1 RLOGIN Logical Names
16-2 RMT Magtape Qualifiers
17-1 SMTP Client Commands
17-2 Default SMTP Utility Files
17-3 SMTP Management Commands
17-4 AntiSPAM Configuration Options
18-1 POP User Authorization Methods
18-2 POP Logical Names
18-3 POP Extension (XTND) Commands
19-1 XDM Log Files
20-1 MOUNT Attributes
20-2 Container File System Components Analyzed
20-3 Modifying NFS Server Attributes
20-4 File System Logical Names
21-1 Required Fields for NFS Proxy Entries
22-1 LPD Logical Names
22-2 LPRSETUP Commands
22-3 Printcap Symbols
A-1 GATED Configuration Statements
A-2 Default Preference Values
A-3 Trace Options
A-4 Global Significance Options
A-5 Protocol Significance Options
B-1 Modifications to Translation Tables
C-1 NFS Server to OpenVMS Client File Name Conversion Rules
C-2 NFS Client Name Conversion
D-1 Acronyms

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