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OpenVMS Alpha Partitioning and Galaxy Guide

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Chapter 16
16 Shared Memory Programming Interfaces
     16.1     Using Shared Memory
     16.2     System Services
         16.2.1         Enhanced Services
         16.2.2         New Section Flag SEC$M_READ_ONLY_SHPT
     16.3     Galaxywide Global Sections
Chapter 17
17 OpenVMS Galaxy Device Drivers
     17.1     Direct-Mapped DMA Window Changes
     17.2     How PCI Direct-Mapped DMA Works Prior to OpenVMS Version 7.2
     17.3     How PCI Direct-Mapped DMA Works in Current Versions of OpenVMS
     17.4     IOC$NODE_DATA Changes to Support Nonzero Direct-Mapped DMA Windows
Appendix A
Appendix A OpenVMS Galaxy CPU Load Balancer Program
     A.1     CPU Load Balancer Overview
         A.1.1         Required Privileges
         A.1.2         Build and Copy Instructions
         A.1.3         Startup Options
         A.1.4         Starting the Load Balancer from the GCU
         A.1.5         Shutdown Warning
     A.2     Example Program
Appendix B
Appendix B Common Values for Environment Variables
2-1 OpenVMS Galaxy Architecture Diagram
2-2 Another Galaxy Architecture Diagram
2-3 Shared-Nothing Computing Model
2-4 Shared-Partial Computing Model
2-5 Shared-Everything Computing Model
5-1 Attaching Ribbon Cables
5-2 Connectors
17-1 PCI-Based DMA
17-2 OpenVMS DMA
2-1 Galaxy System Services for Lock Programming
2-2 Galaxy System Services for Events Programming
2-3 Definitions of Bits in DUMPSTYLE
13-1 Galaxy System Services for CPU Management
B-1 Common Values for Environment Variables

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