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DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
Introduction and User's Guide

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Chapter 4
4 X.25 Networking Concepts
     4.1     Introduction
         4.1.1         Packet Switching Data Networks (PSDN)
         4.1.2         PADs and Character-Mode Terminals
     4.2     X.25 Protocols
         4.2.1         Packet Level
         4.2.2         Frame Level
         4.2.3         Physical Level
     4.3     Implemented Standards
         4.3.1         Related CCITT Standards
         4.3.2         Related OSI Standards
     4.4     How Connections Are Made and Data Is Transferred
         4.4.1         Physical Connections
         4.4.2         Logical Channels
                Virtual Circuits
                Logical Channel Numbers
         4.4.3         DTE Addresses
         4.4.4         Controlling the Flow of Packets
     4.5     Optional Facilities of Public and Private PSDNs
         4.5.1         DTE Parameters
         4.5.2         PAD Parameters
     4.6     Network Profiles
     4.7     PSDNs Supported by DIGITAL's X.25 Products
Part III
Part III Using DECnet-Plus Utilities
Chapter 5
5 DECnet Network Operations
     5.1     How You Can Use DECnet
         5.1.1         Performing Operations using DCL Commands
     5.2     Specifying Node Names
         5.2.1         Phase IV-Style Node Synonyms
         5.2.2         Name Abbreviation Using Local Roots
         5.2.3         Logging In to Other DECnet Nodes
     5.3     Accessing Remote Files
         5.3.1         Specifying Files
         5.3.2         Specifying Files on a Non-OpenVMS System
         5.3.3         Protecting Files
     5.4     File Operations
         5.4.1         Displaying Remote Directories and Files
         5.4.2         Public Directories
         5.4.3         Copying and Printing Remote Files
                The COPY Command
                The APPEND Command
                The PRINT/REMOTE Command
         5.4.4         Other Remote File Operations
                Back Up
     5.5     Using the Mail and Phone Utilities
         5.5.1         The MAIL Command
                Sending Files and Long Messages
         5.5.2         The Phone Utility
Chapter 6
6 File Operations to and from Other DECnet and DECnet-Plus Nodes
     6.1     General DECnet Restrictions
     6.2     OpenVMS to DIGITAL UNIX or ULTRIX Network Operations
         6.2.1         File System Constraints
                File Formats and Access Modes
                OpenVMS RMS Interface
                File Specifications
         6.2.2         DCL Considerations
     6.3     OpenVMS to MS-DOS Network Operations
         6.3.1         File System Constraints
                File Formats and Access Modes
                OpenVMS RMS Interface
                File Specifications
         6.3.2         DCL Considerations
     6.4     OpenVMS to RSX Network Operation Using RMS-based FAL
         6.4.1         File Formats and Access Modes
         6.4.2         OpenVMS RMS Interface
         6.4.3         File Specifications
         6.4.4         DCL Considerations
Part IV
Part IV Glossary
Glossary Glossary
     G.1     Definitions
     G.2     Acronyms
2-1 DNA Phase V DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS
2-2 Component Relationships
2-3 OSAK Software on DECnet-Plus for OpenVMS Systems
3-1 OSI Reference Model
3-2 OSI Reference Model: Data Flow
3-3 The Relationship of PDUs, User Data, and SDUs
3-4 Service User, Service Provider, and SAP Interaction
3-5 SAPs at Different OSI Layers
3-6 ES-IS and IS-IS Protocols
4-1 Packet Switching Equipment
4-2 Packets Traveling Over a PSDN
4-3 Connecting Character-Mode DTEs to a PSDN
4-4 X.25 Protocol Levels
4-5 Structure of a Packet
4-6 Structure of a Frame
4-7 CCITT Packet-Switching Recommendations
4-8 Virtual Circuits Versus Logical Channels
4-9 DTE Address Example

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